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Willkommen Im Fußball: International Conference

Willkommen Im Fußball: International Conference

International Conference: Responsibility in Professional Sport - Together for Integration


Tue, 11/08/2016



In 2015 roughly one million refugees came to Europe to apply for asylum. Many of them will stay here. They should become integrated into our society, and they want to be. With  its  enormous popularity across  the  world,  football  has  an  outstanding  level  of  social  impact and can be a special force. It can help to return a little light-heartedness to the lives of the refugees.

Enjoying the game with others, identifying with the new home town, meeting other fans – all of this brings people together. This status gives professional football a special responsibility. What can professional football do to fulfil its responsibility?

The “Willkommen im Fußball” (“Welcome to Football”)  programme already includes  over 20 clubs from the Bundesliga  and  2nd  Bundesliga  from  all  over  Germany  –  such  as  Borussia  Dortmund,  Bayer 04 Leverkusen and SV Werder Bremen –  that are involved  in  refugee-welcoming alliances  which organise easily  accessible  sport  and  training  opportunities  for  young  refugees.  “Welcome to Football”  is  a programme  of  the  German  Children  and  Youth  Foundation,  funded  by  the  Bundesliga  Foundation  and Federal Government Commissioner for Migrants, Refugees and Integration.

At the international conference on 8. November 2016 in Berlin, previous conclusions as well as challenges and possible solutions from “Welcome to Football” will be presented, and experiences will be shared regarding what professional football in Europe and Germany can do to help refugees.

The  conference  is  aimed  at  interested  parties  from  German  and  European  professional  and top-class sport, particularly football.


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