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Workshop on gender equity

Workshop on gender equity

Celebrate International Women's Day with TAFISA by joining their online workshop, held in partnership with the ITTF Foundation. 8 March 2021, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm CET


Mon, 03/08/2021

Join our online Workshop on Gender Equity held on 8 March, in partnership with the ITTF Foundation.

TAFISA and the ITTF Foundation have joined forces to offer insights on Girls & Women Empowerment in Sport for All. The aim of this Workshop is to provide an opportunity for productive discussion on methods to empower girls and women to reach their full potential in Sport for All. 

Participants will learn from TAFISA, ITTF Foundation and Nike, Inc. as well as FLOT Mentees (EU-funded project aiming to empower a new generation of young African and European women to lead the Global Sport for All Movement) who will share their first-hand experiences. The aim of the Workshop is to not only provide learnings, knowledge and experience sharing opportunities, but also practical solutions and recommendations on how to empower girls and women in Sport for All. 

This Workshop will be the first from our TAFISA Mission 2030 Workshop Series; a series of 12 Workshops tackling the 12 themes of TAFISA Mission 2030. 

To register for the Workshop CLICK HERE!


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