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Consultancy: Safeguarding Officer in Sport training framework

Consultancy: Safeguarding Officer in Sport training framework

UNICEF UK is looking for individuals or organisations to develop a harmonised international reference framework for Designated Safeguarding Officer in Sport Training. Deadline: 28 June.


There are currently a number of organisations and Government Agencies around the world delivering or developing training offers for Designated Safeguarding Officers in Sport (DSOs).

In the absence of an academic pathway into the profession of safeguarding, these training offers are the main route by which DSOs develop and consolidate their skills and expertise.

Without coordination, there is the danger that these training offers do not provide a coherent, complimentary professional development pathway for DSOs, cover different core topics, and lead to a divergence within the profession. This could in turn lead to a confusion about the core functions that make up the DSO role, particularly in relation to well-established professions such as those in the social service workforce. Careful consideration is needed by sport organisations and Governments around the world who are delivering or developing training for DSOs, to ensure training is appropriate to their role. This framework will support that consideration.

By working with key stakeholders responsible for DSO training, there is an opportunity to develop a complimentary tiered approach, giving both training providers and the recipients of that training, the DSOs themselves, a clear professional pathway and guidance for standardised practice.

With this in mind, the purpose of this consultancy is to further develop and refine the existing draft framework (annex 1) developed by an inter-agency working group, through a comprehensive review of existing provision, and a piloting process.

Main tasks of consultancy

  • Conduct desk-based research and literature review
  • Refine existing draft framework
  • Work with stakeholders to pilot and further refine draft framework 
  • Produce a final version of the framework alongside recommendations for its application 

Expected Outputs

  • Summary report of findings of desk-based review covering relevant training identified and recommendations arising for the content and scope of the Framework (interim)
  • Updated draft framework (interim)
  • Final version of the Framework and a summary report detailing recommendations for its application (final)

Key competences, technical background, and experience required:

  • Advanced degree in social work, safeguarding and child protection, education, human rights or other relevant field
  • At least five (5) years of relevant experience in safeguarding or child protection
  • At least three (3) years of relevant experience related to sport
  • Proven experience of working across a range of contexts and cultures
  • Outstanding listening, verbal and written communications skills in English. Other language skills are desirable
  • Strong conceptual and research/analytical skills with the ability to think strategically and rapidly analyze and integrate diverse information from varied sources into conclusions and recommendations
  • Track record of consulting on projects which require technical knowledge and experience, and submitting high quality and timely outputs,
  • Proven ability in delivering on self-managed work

The proposal

Please prepare a concise proposal for delivering the above outputs and send it by e-mail only to

Your proposal should:

  • Set out clearly the approach which you will take to deliver the consultancy and a schedule for delivering against the proposed timeframe
  • Include a clear budget, with indicative costs for travel and subsistence if required under the proposed approach
  • Demonstrate your experience of undertaking similar consultancy or relevant work
  • Provide details of the researchers who will be assigned to the work (where there is more than one person involved), including brief CVs with details of professional qualifications, relevant experience and achievements to date (to be supplied as an appendix)
  • Indicate your earliest start date
  • Provide at least 2 references from previous similar employments
  • Provide any other considerations you think pertinent

The proposal should provide a firm price for the work, indicating the daily rates to be charged. It will be assumed that all expenses incurred are included in the price quoted unless specifically stated in your proposal.

You should also confirm that all staff working on this project, now or in the future, including any subcontractors, either have been checked by the DBS (standard or enhanced disclosure) or will provide such information to permit Unicef UK to make an application for standard disclosure to the DBS (at Unicef UK’s discretion and expense). If staff already have DBS clearance, please also indicate this.

  • Deadline: 28 June, 5pm UK time
  • Please read the attached TOR for more details

Application deadline

Wed, 06/23/2021


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