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IPC request for proposals: Para Sport Technical Specialist

IPC request for proposals: Para Sport Technical Specialist

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is looking to contract a Service Provider as a Sport Technical Specialist for the Sport Against Stigma project. Deadline: 07 November 2020.

The IPC's vision is for an inclusive world through Para sport. The IPC seeks to use the influential global position of the Paralympic Movement and the growing profile of Para athletes to challenge the stigma attached to disability and empower social transformation. 

Sport Against Stigma Project

Over the next four years (2020-2024), the IPC will jointly deliver, with the University of Loughborough, a gour-piller project focused on education, Para athlete development in Para athletics and Para powerlifting and broadcasting of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games to tackle stigma against people with disabilities, and support diversity and inclusion within the African region. Starting on 15 January 2021, the contract period runs for 39 months. Individuals or companies interested in delivering the service should submit their proposals. 

The three targeted countries are Ghana, Malawi, and Zambia. The service provider will be responsible for: 

  • Guiding the three targeted National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) and their respective National Federations (NFs) to build an action plan to strengthen their capacity
  • Providing a comprehensive athlete pathway to increase access to Para sport and opportunities to transition from grassroot to high performance in two different Para sports (Para athletics and Para powerlifting)
  • Understanding the current situation, environment and needs of the NPCs/NFs to offer opportunities for Para athletes in the two sports and present three country assessment documents
  • Using qualitative data processes to gather information
  • Soliciting feedback from a variety of stakeholders
  • Analysing qualitative data and working with stakeholders to define the main goals and activities of the action plan
  • Monitoring and evaluating action plans and in-country support to ensure timely implementation of the plans
  • Preparing quarterly reports for the project manager on the progress of the action plans


Applicants should send their proposals along with their proposed budget and CV of the person delivering the services by email to no later than 07 November 2020. 


Application deadline

Sat, 11/07/2020

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