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Sport and refugees


Sport and refugees

According to the UNHCR, currently around 68.5 million people have been forcibly displaced as a result of persecution, conflict, violence or human rights violations. This represents a record-high number of refugees and asylum seekers in the world.

Sport has an important role to play as a tool for integration and to improve the lives of refugees. Many programmes incorporate sport as a mechanism for improving social bonds and peace between refugees and their host communities. Sport has also proven to help improve mental health after war and displacement-related trauma, and can be a particularly useful tool to help youth and children stay healthy, build bonds with teammates and coaches, and to help restore a sense of normalcy after displacement.

sportanddev is exploring ways to expand our work on the topic in the next three years. This includes a partnership with RESPONSIBALL for their 2018 Forum on sport and refugees, where forum participants are launching a call to action to recognise the contribution and potential of sport for the inclusion and integration of refugees. We are calling on organisations and individuals to sign the call to action and submit projects showing how you use sport to work with refugees to share with the community.

Participation is simple:

1. Sign the call to action on

2. Submit details of your project using our online form

3. Share the call for action on social media to help raise awareness with the hashtag: #sport4refugees

Project submissions will be published on this page in the coming weeks.

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