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Sports and Society Accelerator Bulletin

Sports and Society Accelerator Bulletin

Learn more about the Indian sporting ecosystem and the developments being made through the Sports and Society Accelerator Bulletins.

The Sports and Society Accelerator (SSA) Bulletin will cover policy developments on the use of sport for social impact in India. The Bulletin contributors are Roshan Gopalakrishna and Lokesh Kaza from SSA.

What the Bulletins are about

These Bulletins will highlight new developments and emerging opportunities in using sport as an instrument of development and population-scale change. With the Bulletins, the SSA aims to provide useful information to audiences interested in the Indian sporting ecosystem, and apprise them of far-reaching developments that could be adoptable or expandable in the relevant context.

About the SSA

Founded in March 2022, the SSA is a public-spirited, independent, not-for-profit organization focusing on actionable policy and regulatory guidance and recommendations, data-led research, proofs of concept, projects and programmes, and assistance and advisory services to stakeholders and partners. The SSA team brings a diverse set of skills and extensive experience in Indian policy, administration, law, and governance to its Mission 100by100 which envisions ‘every child playing and every Indian active by 2047’. The SSA’s ‘Sports Stack’ is a starting point to deliver on the social potential of sport and address issues of inclusion, empowerment and community. This is how it works.

The SSA has a presence in New Delhi and Bengaluru, and it conducts independent research and policy work.

If you would like to know more about us or would like to engage with us, please write to Roshan Gopalakrishna, Director, SSA (

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