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Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2017)

Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2017)

Below you can access all editions of our bimonthly Newsletter released in 2017. Subscribe to our Newsletter in the right hand margin to receive the latest updates from

Issue 205 - December 2017 (1)

This week we introduce our newest ambassador, Susie Rodgers MBE, and continue our coverage of the 2017 Peace and Sport Forum. We also cover the launch of the centre for sport and human rights that was announced at the Sporting Chance Forum last week,

Issue 204 - November 2017 (2) will attend the 10th Peace and Sport Forum in Monaco. Kicking off our coverage, we look at how the sporting goods industry has improved its investments in social projects. We also highlight the latest research on actors in the sport and development sector, organised by thematic area, location and sport.  

Issue 203 - November 2017 (1)

In our latest edition, we take an in-depth look at the International Volleyball Federations’ new strategic direction. We also look at a Swiss Academy for Development and Sadili Oval Sports Academy project on the role of sport and play in violence prevention.

Issue 202 - October 2017 (2)

This week’s newsletter addresses reactions to recent protests in US professional football, as well as the restructuring of an organisation’s development policy (FIVB).  We also look at the relationship between poverty and sport participation and the role of sport in addressing breast cancer.

Issue 201 - October 2017 (1)

This edition highlights three events currently underway in the sport and development community. We also feature commentary on the SDP sector and the changing global political landscape.

Issue 200 - September 2017 (2)

Where will sport and development be in 2025? Our 200th newsletter includes responses to this question from the community, representing a range of viewpoints and locations. We also look back at challenges faced in sport and development when our first newsletter was published in 2008.

Issue 199 - September 2017 (1)

This week’s newsletter highlights two new initiatives: #EqualGame, part of UEFA’s RESPECT campaign, and Play Together by One World Project, which promotes sport and play for refugees. We also feature commentary on sexism in ‘women’s sport’, and a French article on WinWin Afrique’s innovative approach to sport and development.

Issue 198 - August 2017 (3)

This edition considers the SDP future and how to develop the full potential of sport in development programmes. We also feature the evaluation of the Yes!Tanzania  community health project and an article in French about the Paris 2024 Olympics’ involvement for disabled people. Additionally, you will discover that physical education can improve literacy while Elizabeth Odera concludes her leadership series.

Issue 197 - August 2017 (2)

In this issue, we feature two articles from ambassador Dr. Odera on using sport to prevent sexual violence and on developing communication skills as a leader in sport and development. We also include information on the Common Goal initiative, a report on human rights in Olympics 2024 bids and a French article on the organisation El Desafio’s work on child development and inclusion.  

Issue 196 - August 2017 (1)

This issue includes the latest article in our leadership in sport and development series, as well as updates from the Beyond Sport Global Awards and the UEFA Women’s Euro. We also feature commentary on the role of alternative sports, and our French article looks at challenges in sport and development in the Ivory Coast.

Issue 195 - July 2017 (2)

This edition features news about the Kazan Action Plan resulting from the MINEPS VI conference, as well as some concerns raised by the closure of the UNOSDP. Additionally, our ambassador Elizabeth Odera discusses leadership in sport and development while our article in French focuses on women emancipation through Karate in DRC.

Issue 194 - July 2017 (1)

This week’s newsletter features a look at several initiatives including the #SignAndPass campaign and a new ESPN sports court, as well as commentary on positive motivation in youth sport. We also include an introduction to our newest ambassador, Natasha Jonas, and a French article on how circus activities can promote inclusion.

Issue 193 - June 2017 (2)

In this issue, we continue to discuss the UNOSDP’s closure and its consequences on sport and development with several articles. We also feature some alternative sport events such as the Gay Games or the Homeless World Cup (in French) and the power of movement and music to manage mental health.

Issue 192 - June 2017 (1)

Our latest newsletter features commentary on the UNOSDP closure, as well as latest research in the sport and development community and an introduction to the UNICEF Child Safeguarding Award nominees. We are also collecting contributions from the French speaking community.

Issue 191 - May 2017 (2)

In this week’s Newsletter we focus on the community, highlighting three Team Players in our French article and presenting a call for contributions on the closing of the UNOSDP. We also feature a new study on football and self-confidence and a look at language in sport-related media.

Issue 190 - May 2017 (1)

In this issue, we feature some updates from major sport organisations as well as an introduction to our newest ambassador and her work with several sport and development programmes. We also highlight a running club for African migrants in Israel, and two films on football and education programmes in Mumbai.

Issue 189 - April 2017 (2)

This week’s newsletter features the NBA’s efforts to make sport more sustainable and its progress in corporate social responsibility (in French), as well as articles highlighting a Commonwealth report on the SDGs and the worldwide media coverage for IDSDP 2017.

Issue 188 - April 2017 (1)

In this newsletter we feature an interview with Referee Carmine Sangiovanni, a French article on female football players in Palestine, as well as the results of our annual survey. We’ve also assembled our IDSDP 2017 coverage and included two articles related to World Health Day.

Issue 187 - March 2017 (3)

Our latest newsletter features several articles relating to IDSDP 2017, including a French article on the #WhiteCard campaign. We’ve also included an article on a developing initiative of Swiss-based NGOs in the sport and development sector, as well as the new #Morethanfootball campaign.

Issue 186 - March 2017 (2)

This edition features an article on a child education project in India with the Swiss Academy for Development, in addition to the concluding article of our CSR series. We have also included two pieces showcasing women in sport, a French article on Arab footballers in Israel and information about our ambassador programme.

Issue 185 - March 2017 (1)

This week’s newsletter includes a new article on CSR and the football community’s role in social responsibility. We also discuss basketball in our featured sport section. In addition, you will find articles on IDSDP, the role of a funder by the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and the evolution of sport and development in French-speaking African countries. And of course, our annual survey.

Issue 184 - February 2017 (2)

This edition continues our build-up to IDSDP 2017. The series on 'Sport and CSR' evaluates the work of sports governing bodies. It also includes articles on athlete activism, sport-for-peace in Colombia and increasing female participation in sport and physical activity.

Issue 183 - February 2017 (1)

This edition continues our series on sport and CSR and we listen to the words of President Obama on the unifying power of sport.We also look at the impact of sport on child health, education and development; and there is a preview to a conference on sustainability in sport.

Issue 182 - January 2017 (2)

This edition of the newsletter features a preview of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2017 and also part two of an article series on the relationship between sport and CSR. In addition, there are articles on different projects in Vietnam, South Africa and the social value of boxing.

Issue 181 - January 2017 (1)

The first Newsletter of 2017 includes part one of an article series on the relationship between sport and corporate social responsibility. Also in this issue, news on what projects will be funded by the UEFA Foundation for Children and an infographic on how national health relates to Olympic success.

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