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Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2018)

Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2018)

Below you can access all editions of our bimonthly Newsletter released in 2018. Subscribe to our Newsletter in the right hand margin to receive the latest updates from

Issue 230 - December 2018 (1)

Our last newsletter of 2018 reflects on important milestones in sport and development this year.

Issue 229 – November 2018 (2)

This edition features a number of initiatives dedicated to keeping children safe in sport. We also introduce sportanddev’s newest Steering Board member, and include commentary on esport’s role in development.

Issue 228 – November 2018 (1)

This week we introduce two important campaigns on sport and refugees, and safeguarding children in sport. We also feature updates on the first European Sport Platform taking place this week in Budapest.   

Issue 227 – October 2018 (3)

Our latest newsletter includes resources for creating sport programmes for refugees, as well as an interview with former Paralympic champion Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and the co-founder of the Good Country, a project promoting collaboration in the international community.

Issue 226 - October 2018 (2)

This week’s sportanddev newsletter features updates on the Peace and Sport Regional Forum, the upcoming European Sport Platform and sport culture in the age of #MeToo.

Issue 225 - October 2018 (1)

Our latest newsletter features highlights from the Road to Evidence report Twitter Takeover, and details about the upcoming Peace and Sport forum which sportanddev will be attending on 18 October. We also include a piece from Pro Sport Development on their recent volleyball tournaments for gender equality.

Issue 224 - September 2018 (2)

In this special edition, we launch our redesigned newsletter and introduce our new strategy. We also look at the future of the platform and of sport and development as a whole.

Issue 223 - September 2018 (1)

In our latest newsletter, the Commonwealth Secretariat and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation announce a research launch to strengthen the sport and development knowledge base. We also shed light on survey responses on sport and the SDG,s and analyse the results of our annual survey in French.

Issue 222 - August 2018 (2)

Our latest newsletter includes updates on the RESPONSIBALL forum, as well as the conclusion of our article series on sport and geopolitics. We also feature a call for participation in a study on sport’s role in development, and look at ‘plogging’, an eco-friendly way to exercise.

Issue 221 - August 2018 (1)

This week we bring you the results of our annual survey, and launch a call for photos and videos to be published in our media section. We also continue our series on sport and geopolitics and feature a manual on developing a Sport for Life project, as well as a piece in French on promoting policy in the aftermath of France’s World Cup victory.

Issue 220 - July 2018 (2)

Our latest edition introduces the results of our sport and SDGs case studies, as well as resources on refugee inclusion from ISCA. We also feature the first two articles in our latest series on sport and geopolitics.

Issue 219 - July 2018 (1)

This week’s newsletter includes two initiatives highlighting football’s role in development, as the World Cup comes to a close. We also feature news about the new Centre for Sport and Human Rights, and introduce our newest ambassador Gaston Essengué.

Issue 218 - June 2018 (2)

 Our latest newsletter features news from RESPONSIBALL and the Active Well-being Initiative, as well as a round-up of this year’s World Refugee Day activities. We also launch the annual survey, and thank you for your participation.

Issue 217 - June 2018 (1)

This week’s newsletter details the Diversity Guide published by the Fare network in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We also include the recent WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity and a new photography project, Goal Click: Refugees.

Issue 216 - May 2018 (3)

This issue features our latest call for submissions in which we encourage sport and development organisations to share how they work to achieve the SDGs. We also wrap up our coverage of the IWG World Conference on Women and Sport, with an overview of its legacy: the Botswana Big 5.

Issue 215 - May 2018 (2)

Our latest newsletter includes updates from several partnerships in sport and development, including a new group led by the Barça Foundation and UNICEF, as well as the Playing for our Planet report by UEFA and WWF. We also feature information about this week’s IWG World Conference on Women and Sport with two pieces highlighting conference themes.

Issue 214 - May 2018 (1)

This week's newsletter includes a round-up of IDSDP 2018 coverage around the world, as well as stunning images from the Goal Click project. We also feature commentary on the first two topics of the IWG World Conference on Women and Sport. 

Issue 213 - April 2018 (2)

In this issue, we wrap up our IDSDP coverage, and feature commentary on freestyle football and inclusion. We also highlight new research on SDP organisations and their work with human rights, and announce our attendance at the upcoming IWG World Conference on Women in Sport.

Issue 212 - April 2018 (1)

With two days to go before IDSDP, you still have time to share your plans with us! We have compiled the latest news relating to the big day as well as community contributions.

Issue 211 - March 2018 (2)

On honour of the International Women’s Day , we feature research on female leadership in sport and development, as well as commentary on the importance of encouraging girls to participate in sport.

Issue 210 - March 2018 (1)

Our latest edition kicks off coverage for the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, coming up on 6 April. We also highlight some recent publications in the sector as well as an article in French on a new platform on transformation through sport.

Issue 209 - February 2018 (2)

In this issue, we highlight responses to our call for articles on winter sports and development. We also feature research from Ben Sanders on the role of the public sector in SDP.

Issue 208 - February 2018 (1)

This week we focus on innovation in sport and development, and feature commentary on sport and economics.

Issue 207 - January 2018 (2)

In this issue, we prepare for the Winter Olympics with stories of two skiers representing Afghanistan for the first time. We also want to hear your thoughts on winter sports and development. 

Issue 206 - January 2018 (1)

Our first newsletter of 2018 explores three individuals' journeys of overcoming challenges through sport. We also follow NGOs based in South Africa and Zambia as they use football for community development. 

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