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Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2019)

Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2019)

Below you can access all editions of our bimonthly Newsletter released in 2019. Subscribe to our Newsletter in the right hand margin to receive the latest updates from

Issue 254 - December 2019 (1)

We highlight some of our community contributions for World AIDS Day 2019 alongside other news articles from the sport and development sector. 

Issue 253 - November 2019 (2)

Our newsletter on Universal Children's Day features the campaign by the International Safeguarding Children in Sport Initiative, alongside other articles showcasing how sport can make a difference in communities around the world. 

Issue 252 - November 2019 (1)

This issue of the newsletter features plenty of ways to get involved with sport and development, such as through a survey, an internship or a call for articles! 

Issue 251 - October 2019 (2)

This weeks newsletter features articles that highlight various ways that development can be integrated into sport, from the policy to the project level. 

Issue 250 - October 2019 (1)

This newsletter edition poses the question what can you do? It features articles looking at changemakers around the world, and how you can contribute to sport for good. 

Issue 249 - September 2019 (2)

Featuring our penultimate article in our Protecting our planet series, and a host of other interesting articles on sport for change. Take part in a survey to help the creation of a sport for development guidebook!

Issue 248 - September 2019 (1)

Some exciting articles this week alongside opportunities for engagement all considering how to support the sport and development sector. 

Issue 247 - August 2019 (2)

Have a read of this weeks newsletter presenting some feedback from our annual survey and other exciting articles considering the future of sport and development.

Issue 246 - August 2019 (1)

Examining how sports clubs can take climate action in part three of the sport and sustainability series, among other articles highlighting inclusive and engaging practices. 

Issue 245 - July 2019 (3)

Part two of the Protecting our planet series looks at the current climate in sport, alongside other articles on leveraging sport for good and protecting youth sports. 

Issue 244 - July (2)

This week's newsletter features new research in the SDP sector, alongside features on sport and environmental sustainability. 

Issue 243 - July (1)

Focusing on the important issues and big changes for more inclusive and equitable professional sporting practices in this week's newsletter, continuing our coverage of the FIFA Women's World Cup. 

Issue 242 - June (2)

In this edition of the newsletter we continue with our coverage of the FIFA Women's World Cup, while taking a special focus on equitable and inclusive practices in the sporting world. 

Issue 241 - June (1)

In this weeks newsletter we take a look at some of the community submissions for our coverage of the  Football Women's World Cup around sport and gender equality.

Issue 240 - May (2)

This week's newsletter focuses on inclusion and equity in the sporting world, highlighting various examples and opportunities for everyone to get involved in promoting sport as a universal right. 

Issue 239 - May 2019 (1)

This weeks newsletter looked at different research and case studies emerging in the field of sport for development, with a report from the UNICEF Office of Research, a new social enterprise support initiative by Kick4Life, and an article on combining sport and tourism for development goals. 

Issue 238 - April 2019 (2)

In this newsletter we look at monitoring and evaluation of the sport for development and peace in achieving global goals. It also features the recent #EqualGame conference in London, and other great initiatives around the world. 

Issue 237 - April 2019 (1)

This week we take a look at the activities and news from this year's International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. We also introduce a new two-part series on M&E in sport for development. 

Issue 236 - March 2019 (2)

In this newsletter, we feature a piece from UNDESA Under-Secretary-General Mr. Liu Zhenmin on the UN's role in sport and development. We also include our latest submissions for the upcoming IDSDP. 

Issue 235 - March 2019 (1)

This week we look at some initiatives from Women's Day, and how their communications strategies can be applied to the upcoming International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Issue 234 - February 2019 (2)

With 6 April approaching, sportanddev has launched a video contest to help raise awareness for the day and celebrate sport as a universal language. We also share contributions from our sport and education call. 

Issue 233 - February 2019 (1)

This newsletter features commentary on sport and education, and our latest call for submissions on your IDSDP 2019 activities.

Issue 232 - January 2019 (2)

 This week we launch our latest call for contributions on sport and education, and announce an upcoming project with the JSC to bridge the gap between policy and practice in SDP.

Issue 231 - January 2019 (1)

In our first newsletter of 2019, we share details of an exciting opportunity to work with us, the Commonwealth and the Australian government to create a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Sport for Development and Peace.

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