Take a look at our e-Newsletter Archive (2010)

Take a look at our e-Newsletter Archive (2010)

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Issue 34 - December

Issue 34 includes updates from the activities taking place the world over in celebration of World AIDS Day, within Sport & Development. It also provides the latest findings from a seminal research project on S&D.


Issue 33 - November (2)

This issue comprises updates from the Kicking AIDS Out network, an exclusive interview with the organisers of the 3rd Zambian Sport and Development Awards, and the usual information about the latest news and upcoming events.


Issue 32 - November (1)

See what's coming up in November, check out the latest job opportunities, and don't miss two in-depth articles about the 2nd European Matchday Against Hunger and the African Women's Football Championship in South Africa.

Issue 31 - October (2)

This edition highlights the main upcoming events, and provides a review of the Generations for Peace Camp 2010. Additions to the online community are pointed out, and Elshadai Negash comments on the Commonwealth Games 2010.


Issue 30 - October (1)

This edition contains updates regarding past and upcoming events and highlights two documents related to the Maidan Conference. Additions to the Platform's Research Corner are also presented.

Issue 29 - September (2)

This issue includes events coming up in Sport & Development, new opportunities, new additions to the Community and a new publication.


issue 28 - September (1)

September is a very busy month for the field of S&D, and this issue lists the most important news and upcoming events. A list of Academic Programmes is also announced in this edition.

Issue 27 - August (2)

A series of relevant conferences are announced in this edition of the newsletter, such as the Beyond Sport Summit and the Homeless World Cup. Opportunities to get involved are also highlighted.


Issue 26 - August (1)

This issue provides a summary of the main past and upcoming events, and also flags a few interesting job opportunities for those who want to get involved.


Issue 25 - July (2)

The 25th edition of the newsletter announces two calls for abstracts for upcoming conferences in S&D. You can also read more about how research institutions are increasingly getting involved in S&D.

Issue 24 - July (1)

This issue highlights S&D programmes related to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and also provides a special coverage of the East Africa Cup. The 'Research Corner' of the Platform has just been launched and is announced in this edition of the newsletter.


Issue 23 - June (2)

The World Cup has kicked off, but this is no reason to overlook other initiatives taking place in the field of S&D. This issue looks into the latest events and publications related to this field, and reports on the latest additions to the online community.

Issue 22 - June (1)

This edition of the newsletter highlights important events from South Africa to India, the latest additions to the Platform's online community, as well as recent publications relevant for the field.


Issue 21 - May

With less than one month to go before the kick-off of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, this issue contains articles about the SDPIWG, the latest from the Platform's online community, and the most important upcoming events.


Issue 20 - April

Access the 20th edition of the Sport and Development newsletter! In this special issue, you'll find out about two important conferences taking place in April, a recent publication on sport and HIV/AIDS as well as interesting additions to the Platform.


Issue 19 - March

This edition contains an overview of side initiatives taking place during the Winter Olympics, an unofficial account on Sport & Development in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake as well as recent additions to the Connect section of the Platform.


Issue 18 - February

This issue contains a special coverage of workshop held in South Africa, several new opportunities in the field of S&D, and a reminder to take part in the independent assessment of the Platform.


Issue 17 - January

The first issue of 2010 announces the partial move of sportanddev.org's Operating Team to South Africa! It also contains updates from the Peace and Sport Forum 2009, the S&D e-Debate and much more...

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