Take a look at our e-Newsletter archive (2013)

Take a look at our e-Newsletter archive (2013)

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Issue 81 - January 2013 (1)

In our first newsletter of 2013, take a look at some of the latest global events, some exclusive commentary articles and publications, and the latest from the community. 

Issue 82 - January 2013 (2)

Take a look at some new job opportunities, the most important recent and upcoming S&D events and some interesting commentaries.  

Issue 83 - February 2013 (1)

Meet the newest members of the sportanddev community, take a look at an interesting publication, and read some exclusive new commentaries. 


Issue 84 - February 2013 (2)

This newsletter has a special focus on sport and peace-building with exclusive commentaries and news from the field, as well as some interesting opportunities.

Issue 85 - March 2013 (1)

Take a look at the latest events, job opportunities and, following International Women's Day, some interesting commentaries on the role of sport and gender issues.

Issue 86 - March 2013 (2)

Including the first in a series of articles on the EACCES initiative, a Women Win international guide and the sportanddev annual survey.

Issue 87 - April 2013 (1)

Including a report on gender equality in sport, commentaries for World Health Day and the launch of our newest highlighted initiative with the second of our series on EACCES.

Issue 88 - April 2013 (2)

Including the launch of an open access journal dedicated to S&D, a commentary on project fundraising and a reflection on the challenges of coaching when there's a language barrier. 

Issue 89 - May 2013 (1)

Including a reflection on the impact of the Boston Marathon bombing, advice on connecting your S&D project to funders and the IOC Guide to Managing Sport for All Programmes. 

Issue 90 - May 2013 (2)

Including the latest in our series on fundraising, a feature on the need for safeguarding in S&D and a manual for adapted physical activity professionals.

Issue 91- June 2013 (1)

Including the launch of special content to celebrate sportanddev's 10 year anniversary, several new opportunities and a commentary on the role of African athletes in development.

Issue 92- June 2013 (2)

Including a commentary on sport's role in providing psychosocial support in post-disaster situations and the latest in sportanddev's series on fundraising.


Issue 93 - July 2013 (1)

Including extensive first-hand coverage of the 2013 East Africa Cup and a commentary on the role of sport in the rehabilitation of refugees.

Issue 94 - July 2013 (2)

Including commentaries on the need for child safeguarding, Nelson Mandela and the role of sport, and lessons learned from the protests during the 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil.

Issue 95 - July 2013 (3)

Including the final article in sportanddev's popular series on fundraising, and a commentary exploring the distinction between 'sport development' and 'sport for development'. 


Issue 96 - August 2013 (1)

Including a commentary on the impact of action sports and an interview with Mel Young, founder of the Homeless World Cup.

Issue 97 - August 2013 (2)

Including the launch of a community building activity to celebrate our 100th e-Newsletter, and commentaries on homophobia in Russia and sport as a response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Issue 98 - September 2013 (1)

Including a call to ensure the newly announced International Day for SDP is a success and an article asking what it means to win a Beyond Sport Award.

Issue 99 - September 2013 (2)

This issue includes commentaries on child safeguarding, disability sport and creating partnerships.

Issue 102 - November 2013 (1)

Including the launch of the 2013 sportanddev e-Debate and a commentary on the role of sport in the alleviation of poverty.

Issue 100 - October 2013 (1)

We celebrate our 100th e-Newsletter by announcing the winning photo from our community photo project and highlighting some of our favourite moments.

Issue 101 - October 2013 (2)

Including commentaries on the role of sport in the MDGs, managing an NGO as a volunteer and promoting girls' participation in sport.


Issue 103 - November 2013 (2)

Including the summary from round one of the sportanddev e-Debate and the news that the SDP IWG is creating a new strategy to leverage its position in the post-2015 agenda.

Issue 104 - December 2013 (1)

Including the latest from the 2013 sportanddev e-Debate and articles to commemorate this year's International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Issue 105 - December 2013 (2)

The final newsletter of 2013 features commentaries on sport as an innovative approach to development and Nelson Mandela and the role of sport.

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