A recording of a webinar on gender and sexual identity in girls' sports hosted by Girls in the Lead on 28 January 2021.

Normative views on gender and sexual identity still largely affect inclusivity in sports. Binary practices can result in excluding girls, transgender, queer and intersex people from equal access to practicing sports.

It is crucial to not only address different social and cultural challenges in sports in relation to gender and sexual identity, but also raise questions of difference and exclusion from a larger perspective within societies.

The event raised a lively discussion on steps to take towards inclusivity in sports. From education to families and schools, influencing policies and engaging governmental actors are needed to support safe spaces for girls, women, and LGBTIQ* youth.

To build inclusive spaces is an ongoing process of change we build together. We can make more spaces visible in sports by placing practices that are aligned with our shared values and goals towards an inclusive future.

Our five guest speakers shared their work on building more inclusive spaces in sport. These speakers included: 

  • Pia Mann – Discover Football
  • Itong Ehrke – Seitenwechsel
  • Tony Gubesa – Grassroot Soccer
  • Aya Noguchi – Sport for Creating Pathways Japan
  • Alison Carney – Research Consultant

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