Jutta Engelhardt


Jutta Engelhardt

Jutta Engelhardt has worked in the field of development and social change for over fifteen years and has been programme director of the Swiss Academy of Development since 2008.

For the past 6 years, Jutta has worked as a programme director for S&D at the Swiss Academy for Development and as executive secretary of sportanddev. The job has allowed her to look at sport as a tool for social development from many different angles: conceptualising sport and play programmes on the ground; building capacity as well as monitoring and evaluating the impact of sport in development programmes; networking and sharing information specific to the S&D community through sportanddev; contributing to publications, manuals, seminars and conferences; contributing to international working groups and getting involved in policy-making for S&D.

Jutta holds a Master of political science and English literature as well as a teacher’s certificate for higher secondary education from the University of Freiburg / University of Toronto. She has lived and worked in Germany, USA, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia.

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