Take a look at our e-Newsletter archive (2014)

Take a look at our e-Newsletter archive (2014)

Below you can access all editions of our bimonthly e-Newsletter released in 2014. Subscribe to our e-Newsletter in the right hand margin to receive the latest updates from the Platform.



Issue 106 - January 2014 (1)

The first e-Newsletter of 2014 includes commentaries on negotiating cultural dialogue in sport and S&D in the French-speaking world.

Issue 107 - January 2014 (2)

Including an interview highlighting the role of rugby in development programmes and three commentaries on the role of professional sport in creating social change.

Issue 108 - February 2014 (1)

This newsletter highlights sportanddev's coverage of Next Step 2014 and includes a commentary on non-traditional countries competing at the Winter Olympics. 


Issue 109 - February 2014 (2)

This newsletter highlights the beginning of a seven part series on monitoring and evaluation in S&D and a new version of the Connect map.


Issue 110 - March 2014 (1)

sportanddev launches a page dedicated to the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and features coverage of International Women's Day.


Issue 111 - March 2014 (2)

sportanddev asks whether the first International Day of Sport for Development and Peace will become just another international day. 

Issue 112 - April 2014 (1)

Including the fourth in our M&E in S&D series and a reflection on what happened on the first International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Issue 113 - April 2014 (2)

Including the final article in our M&E in S&D series and two commentaries on sport and the environment.


Issue 114 - May 2014 (1)

Including a commentary section which focuses on professional development and an article highlighting the potential for sport to be used in rebuilding post-conflict communities.

Issue 115 - May 2014 (2)

Including commentaries on anti-racism campaigns in football and the sport and development landscape in Latin America.

Issue 116 - June 2014 (1)

Including commentaries on football's role in addressing homelessness in Brazil and evaluating the impact of mega events.

Issue 117 - June 2014 (2)

Including a call for article contributions and an article highlighting how sport is being used to assist with the rehabilitation of injured Ugandan soldiers.

Issue 118 - July 2014 (1)

This issue includes three commentaries on choosing the right activities for use in sport and development programmes.


Issue 119 - July 2014 (2)

Including an article on capacity building for S&D projects and an interview with a Boxgirls International project participant who now prepares for the Commonwealth Games.

Issue 120 - July 2014 (3)

This issue includes two articles on using sport to build connections between Israelis and Palestinians and a commentary on using rugby as a tool to promote gender equality.


Issue 121 - August 2014 (1)

Including articles on the impact of the Women's Rugby World Cup and the Commonwealth Games, and a commentary on peace-building programmes in difficult political circumstances.

Issue 122 - August 2014 (2)

This issue includes three commentaries on the subject of sport and post-conflict reconciliation and an article on the role sport and social media can play in addressing climate change. 

Issue 123 - September 2014 (1)

This issue shares commentary on theroetical discourses within S&D and celebrates the live streaming of the European Association for Sport Management Conference in Coventry, UK.

Issue 124 - September 2014 (2)

Discover a rich variety of insightful contributions in response to a call for articles on the topic of S&D in Asia.


Issue 125 - October 2014 (1)

This issue includes exciting and upcoming events for your diaries and commentaries on youth development as well as a look at the importance of the trainer in S&D.


Issue 126 - October 2014 (2)

This issue features several articles on the relationship between sport, health and international development.


Issue 127 - November 2014 (1)

This issue highlights the eight International Safeguards to Protect Children in Sport and our new Toolkit section on the subject.

Issue 128 - November 2014 (2)

This issue includes two interviews sportanddev conducted with experts working in S&D and features a call for articles.


Issue 129 - December 2014 (1)

Read about Sport - The Bridge Ethiopia's 10th anniversary, as well as the CYSPD working group's position statement and much more.

Issue 130 - December 2014 (2)

Read two article submissions on sport and gender and a tribute to the life and work of Margaret Talbot, among others.

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