Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2015)

Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2015)

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Issue 131 - January 2015 (1)

Including a review of the best sportanddev content from 2014 and a commentary on gender equity at major sporting events.

Issue 132 - January 2015 (2)

This issue features a call for articles on sport and diplomacy as well as a new manual promoting psychosocial well-being.

Issue 133 - February 2015 (1)

Read about sport as an effective tool for reconciliation in various parts of the world and how S&D has driven sports gear innovations.


Issue 134 - February 2015 (2)

Take the annual sportanddev survey, read submissions from the call for articles on sport and diplomacy and view the latest publications to feature on the platform.

Issue 135 - March 2015 (1)

sportanddev prepares for IDSDP 2015 with a new section launch, while cricket brings Afghans together and Tajik martial artists take part in a Sports Visitors programme.

Issue 136 - March 2015 (2)

This issue features an article on the growth of women's football in Europe, the launch of a Women Win podcast series and a look into the potential for S&D initiatives to impact development in China.

Issue 137 - April 2015 (1)

The first of a six-part series on protecting children from harm in sport, UN Women and gender equality through sport and key results of the sportanddev annual survey.

Issue 138 - April 2015 (2)

Including commentaries on the socio-economic returns of sport, positive peace and the second in a series focusing on protecting children from harm in sport.

Issue 139 - April 2015 (3)

Including a summary of reports on global celebrations for the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and the launch of a new "sportanddev in French" section of the newsletter. 

Issue 140 - May 2015 (1)

Including publication of the results of the IDSDP 2015 poster competition and an article discussing a partnership between the IOC and UNESCO.


Issue 141 - May 2015 (2)

This edition features a new publication from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and a call for articles on sport and violence reduction.

Issue 142 - June 2015 (1)

This issue features a number of commentaries on the recent scandal within FIFA, along with the fifth and final article in our safeguarding series.

Issue 143 - June 2015 (2)

Following our call for articles, first announced in issue 141 of this newsletter, here we publish four articles on the topic of sport and violence reduction.

Issue 144 - July 2015 (1)

This edition shares news on the recent Commonwealth Sport and Post-2015 Forum, and highlights a video on a Swiss Academy for Development project addressing trauma experienced by women in South Sudan

Issue 145 - July 2015 (2)

Much of this week's newsletter has a special focus on inclusion and tackling inequality, culminating in a call for articles on sport and disability.

Issue 146 - August 2015 (1)

This edition launches the first in a series of articles on sport and the sustainable development goals. Readers can also find out more about sport and the health and well-being of indigenous peoples post-2015.

Issue 147 - August 2015 (2)

This edition includes part two in the post-2015 article series which asks a key question: Does sport and development really make a difference? It also features the submissions from the platform's recent call for articles on sport and disability.

Issue 148 -September 2015 (1)

In this edition, we highlight monitoring and evaluation case studies from two well-known sport and development initiatives - GOALS Haiti and Coaches Across Continents.

Issue 149 - September 2015 (2)

This edition addresses important issues such as sport's role in the ongoing refugee crisis and the topic of fundraising applied to the post-2015 agenda.

Issue 150 - September (3)

This issue celebrates sportanddev.org's 150th newsletter. It includes a video montage of the community video project and the final article in our five part series on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Issue 151 - October 2015 (1)

Read various contributions from the community on the role of sport and development in the ongoing refugee crisis. Join the #post2015sport conversation.

Issue 152 - October 2015 (2)

Another jam-packed issue addresses a range of different topics in sport and development, with a recap of the Beyond Sport summit and a commentary on digital media

Issue 153 - November 2015 (1)

This issue includes a call for articles on sport and development related to the global north and south as well as a review of the revised UNESCO Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport.


Issue 154 - November 2015 (2)

This issue features several interesting articles on the inclusion of groups in sport who are often pushed to the side: such as women, people living with a disability and the elderly.


Issue 155 - December 2015 (1)

This issue includes responses to the call for articles looking at the relationship between the global North and South in sport and development.

New Year's greetings from the sportanddev.org Operating Team

A special edition editorial, reviewing 2015 and looking forward to the next 12 months.

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