Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2016)

Take a look at our Newsletter archive (2016)

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Issue 180 - December 2016 (2)

The final Newsletter of 2016 reflects on the events, milestones and key debates over the past 12 months. Highlights include the Olympic and Paralympic games in Rio and how they contribute to social and environmental debates. Adapted sports featured in journals, programmes and in a key debate at the Beyond Sport Summit. We thank the community for another year of support and contributions and send best wishes for 2017.

Issue 179 - December 2016 (1)

This edition of the Newsletter focuses on our call for articles to commemorate the International Volunteer Day 2016. Three articles from the community are included in this edition with a link to all submissions on the topic of volunteering in sport for development. There is a commentary on sport and environmental sustainability, a video on table tennis in Fiji and a French article calling for proposals to use rugby as a tool for development.

Issue 178 - November 2016 (2)

This edition of our Newsletter showcases the Peace and Sport International Fourm 2016. In addition there is a call for articles from the community on the subject of the role of volunteers in sport and development projects. Community highlights include a discussion of which sports to use for development projects, the importance of disability sports and how a football project is raising environmental awareness in Kenya.

Women play Kabbadi in Tamil Nadu

Issue 177 - November 2016 (1)

This edition of the newsletter features a commentary from the community on what FIFA could do to assist peacebuilding in the middle-east. There are also articles on the growth of Frame Football and how sport was a divisive issue in the Balkans. The final instalment of our India series looks at the growth of female role models in sport.

Issue 176 - October 2016 (2)

Bringing news of a unique gathering of Swiss based organisations working in the sport and development sector, this issue also features articles which explore surfing youth, football in Djibouti, an interview with a Beyond Sport Ambassador and part three of the India series.

Issue 175 - October 2016 (1)

A brand new look for the newsletter introduces a photo highlight and easy to navigate format. This edition covers the upcoming Beyond Sport Summit & Awards 2016 along with stories of change in Rwanda and India.

Issue 174 - September 2016

The first of this month's issues of our newsletter has seven new opportunities and many jobs also. It highlights the Paralympics games kicking off and introduces the article series on India.

Issue 173 - August 2016 (3)

With this edition find out about events of the Paralympics with a handy guide for fans, how sport can be used in prisons as a new strategy for rehabilitation, an anthropological series on Rio 2016 and insight into why India performed so badly at this years Olympic Games.

Issue 172 - August 2016 (2)

Our second issue of August features heavily articles related to Rio 2016 ranging from the spirit of Olympism to notable initiatives undertaken using the Game's power. Outside of the mega event, find out more about ultimate camp BtG, the World Indigenous Games 2017 and how running races changed the fight against cancer.

Issue 171 - August 2016 (1)

Inside this issue of the newsletter, find three articles in response to our call about non-mainstream sports, a piece on Pass It Back which uses rugby in SE Asia, a guide for journalists at Rio 2016 and Jutta Engelhardt's farewell.

Issue 170 - July 2016 (2)

Brexit, a new mobile app, and wheelchair basketball are the highlights of this issue. With several more articles including a commentary on mindfulness and another about re-establishing family dialogue, both topics connected to sport.


Issue 169 - July 2016 (1)

This newsletter has the topic of non-mainstream sports which covers two commentaries. Addtionally an infographic on youth participation in sport, an EC report makes funding access clearer and more.


Issue 168 - June 2016 (2)

In this issue there is a diverse collection of articles on education, refugees and the loss of one of sport's most prominent figures.

Issue 167 - June 2016 (1)

This issue features three articles on sport and disability, as well as an infographic outlining the top reasons to write for sportanddev.org.


Issue 166 - May 2016 (2)

This issue explores a vaierty of topics, from social return on investment in S&D to cyber-bullying and the use of sport in the rehabilitation of injured military personnel.



Issue 165 - May 2016 (1)

Following our call for articles, this issue focuses on sport mega events and their relationship to sport and development.



Issue 164 - April 2016 (2)

This issue considers critical questions about the how sport and development works, whether it is really having the desired impact and how competition between organisations is affecting outcomes. 


Issue 163 - April 2016 (1)

This edition looks back at IDSDP 2016 and features a video and podcast related to the event. It also includes a call for articles about sport mega-events.


Issue 162 - March 2016 (3)

In anticipation of IDSDP 2016 this newsletter contains a media kit and other resources for the day as well as a look at the impact of international tournaments.


Issue 161 - March 2016 (2)

This newsletter looks at the importance of international days such as IWD and IDSDP and introduces creative new approaches such as crowdfunding and stepping. 


Issue 160 - March 2016 (1)

This edition highlights the launch of the IDSDP 2016 page and includes a commentary calling for an International Bicycle Day.


Issue 159 - February 2016 (2)

This issue features a collection of articles about fundraising in sport and development, covering topics such as social enterprises, donor stewardship, grant writing, and sponsorship.


Issue 158 - February 2016 (1)

This edition addresses issues important to the future of the sector, including a look at the need for partnerships, collaboration with the private sector, and discussing issues such as the "final taboo" of menstrual politics.


Issue 157 - January 2016 (2)

This issue includes a call for articles regarding fundraising and a look at the positive and negative role sport has played in genocide.


Issue 156 - January 2016 (1)

The first edition of the year includes a review of key events in 2015 and a toolkit for play-based learning.

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