Altius Sapientes

Altius Sapientes

We are focused on supporting people and communities in underprivileged communities in Colombia through sport training. We use Taekwondo as our main sport, but we provide training and recreation and use the sport as a tool for peacebuilding and child and youth development.

The Foundation started in 2016 as a decentralization project in the Uraba (An underprivileged zone in Colombia). We started to work with kids and youth victims of armed conflict and with the talent for high-performance sport in Taekwondo and other disciplines.
Currently, we have a house in the Uraba region where are living 6 of the best representatives of Taekwondo. Two of them belong to the Taekwondo National Federation. They have classified to the last World Championships but they couldn't travel for lack of resources. In the past, we reached 700 participants, but we close that program for lack of support from the government. We are trying to find partners and building capacity to strengthen our project and help those people in Colombia. 
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