Grupo Internacional de Paz

Grupo Internacional de Paz

Sport and Development, Peace-Building, Child Development

Grupo Internacional de Paz (GIP), an NGO committed to social transformation for peace-building in Colombia and other countries in Latin America. This group uses innovative mechanisms to strengthen the skills of individuals, communities, and society and to break the cycle of armed violence and crime. Since 2010, the sport has been one of its best allies in this endeavor. 
This organization works together with international organizations, the national government, territorial entities, the third sector, universities, the business sector, and the communities, in proposals that seek to have a favorable impact on the processes of peace consolidation within the territory, under the perspectives of prevention, reconciliation, and restoration of affected communities. Its actions are characterized by their rigorous methodological content, oriented towards the development of individual and collective skills that allow responding assertively to the threats of the environments with a history of armed conflict and violence, which is translated into the 7P strategy and its programs.

This strategy incorporates the approach on guaranteeing and protecting children’s rights promoted by UNICEF. Regarding the prevention of violence associated with the use of psychoactive substances, GIP has designed its contents based on the international guidelines of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). It also adheres
to the principles on Restorative Justice promoted by UNODC, and its actions are in line with the national policy in Colombia for preventing the recruitment and use of children and adolescents by illegal armed groups and criminal gangs. As for the work with former combatants going through a reintegration process in Colombia, GIP is articulated with the national government through the Agency for Reintegration and Standardization (ARN in Spanish). Finally, in the case of soccer, it works hand in hand with the Sport for Development Office of the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GIZ in German), making the specific adaptations to each social context and integrating it into the 7P strategy.
In 2017, GIP was awarded the Beyond Sport Innovation through Sport Award in New York, in the category of Sport for Peace and Social Justice—one of the most important international awards in the Sport for Development sector. In 2016, it was shortlisted for this award in London, in the category of Sport for the Resolution of Social Confl icts. Its My Life is a Diamond program was cited, as an example of how sport contributes to world peace, by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, during the 2015 Extraordinary Assembly. Its Camino al ring program obtained the Golden Belt international recognition by the World Boxing Association at the 2017 World Boxing Convention, for its contribution to social transformation. In that same year, the Colombian government granted it recognition in the category of Spaces for Reconciliation, for its contribution to the peace process in the country.

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