More than Sport Alliance

More than Sport Alliance

We are an alliance of Swiss-based S&D organisations working together to raise awareness and advocate for the use of sport for development around the world.

We are an alliance of Swiss-based Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) organisations established in 2016.

We believe that sport and play is a catalyst to social, environmental and economic development, if applied in a structured, safe and systematic way.

Our goals are:  

  • to share experiences and best practices
  • to work together to raise awareness and advocate for the use of sport and play as a credible instrument for development and peacebuilding in Switzerland and around the world
  • to increase the integration of sport and play within mainstream development and peacebuilding efforts; and
  • to provide a go-to resource for organisations interested in using sport and play as an instrument for a better society.

Our belief is that Sport for Development and Peace:

  • contributes to psychosocial support, well-being, gender quality, child protection, education, health, social coexistence, inclusion, employment, etc.
  • benefits from any kind of sport and play applied with safety, professionalism and care
  • is about values, attitudes, learning and behaviour change
  • is empowering
  • is fun
  • brings people together, to motivate and inspire
  • serves as a cross-cutting tool that complements other approaches
  • must ensure the safety and rights of children, youth and adults at all time.

The strength of our alliance lies in the diversity of our members. They operate in Switzerland and internationally using sport and play to work towards a diverse range of goals including health, integration, education, peace and employment.

The More than Sport Alliance is part of a global movement with peers in the UK and the US. For more information, please contact: or

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