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SPIN Sport Innovation
SPIN Sport Innovation

SPIN Sport Innovation

In a complex and ever-changing social environment, the ability to innovate is key. It’s about acting not reacting. SPIN supports your development with individually customised concepts.

SPIN Sport Innovation operates as a consultant and partner in sport development for national and international sport organisations, public agents, businesses and other stakeholders in sport. We believe that Together we can Develop New Directions for Sport.

We support you with; Individually Customised Concepts, Project Development, Project Management, Organisational Development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, Educational Concepts and Applicable Education Tools, Leadership Programmes, Scientific Supervision, and External Evaluation.

  • We conduct and support sport and sport development projects from start to finish line: From the initial needs assessment and fund raising to the operative implementation, and the transition into routine operations.
  • We support sport organisations, public agents and businesses interacting with the sport sector in order to develop new fields of action, including the setup of appropriate structures and procedures.
  • We develop and implement customised programmes and activities within the wider scope of education and training through sport.
  • We review projects and provide external evaluation services. We adhere to recognised evaluation standards and apply tools, which have been specifically adapted or developed for the sport sector.

While our projects are unique, our working principles don’t change:

  • WE PLAN TO SUCCEED. Coming from sport science, we follow a systematic and accurate mode of operation, yet we are goal- and user-oriented. Considering practical constraints and the nature of voluntary sport organisations, we will help plan the best route to success.
  • WE PREFER TO PLAY AS A TEAM. In sport you learn that only hard work wins you a medal: We fully commit ourselves to projects. We are open and supportive and want our partners and clients to be actively involved. 
  • WE BRING YOU TO THE FINISH LINE. In project work, initial euphoria frequently gives way to interim frustration and fatigue. We are prepared for this and will help you to set the right pace to make sure your project gets to the finish line.

Innovation needs communication. Send us an email or even better: Give us a call or visit us.

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