During the UN's 2nd Counter-Terrorism week, a side event is being hosted on securing vulnerable targets from terrorist attacks and the challenges and opportunities of Major Sporting Event security governance.

29 June 2021 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm EST


Protecting Major Sporting Events (MSEs) from terrorist attacks requires complex security and policing arrangements, such as securing locations, cybersecurity measures, managing and responding to attacks, communication, crowd management and first response operations. These critical measures often go far beyond the capacity of single States and require coordination for supporting not only the countries hosting the MSEs, but all other stakeholders potentially affected by terrorist threats. As spectators begin to return to sporting venues, it is of the upmost importance that Member States are equipped with the proper tools to combat these challenges. Therefore, the Global Sports Programme has produced the UN Guide on the Security of Major Sporting Events to assist current and future event planners around the world in the successful implementation of sport security operations.

The Global Guide

UN Security Council Resolution 2396 (2017) on “soft” targets protection and the UN Global CT Strategy recognizes the importance of protecting MSEs from terrorist attacks. On the occasion of the Global Sports Programme launch in February 2020 at UN HQs, expert-level discussions featured interventions from Member State senior officials, international and regional organizations, sport federations such as FIFA and UEFA and private entities with direct interest in MSEs. They paved the way for the technical consultations with Security Experts across the globe, which are vital to ensure that the UN Guide on the Security of Major Sporting Events reflects the most innovative methods and showcases successful practices for guiding policy and decision makers in the successful planning and implementation of security operations during MSEs.

Role of the Global Programme

The Global Programme provides capacity building and training activities to Member States engaged in the planning of MSEs. Moreover, the Global Programme engages with National Focal Points (NFPs) from Member States to collect and circulate good practices and innovative processes in the area of MSE security. In addition, the Global Programme promotes the value of sport as an effective PVE mechanism. This is accomplished through its support of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Member State National PVE Action Plans as well as its hosting of fora to bring together PVE experts from around the world to discuss good practices.

Goals of the side event

  1. Present the new UN Global Guide on the Security of Major Sporting Events to be adopted for MSE security planning, including through the endorsement of Experts and Member States representatives who contributed to the preparation of the Guide
  2. Offer technical assistance and training to Member States planning to host MSEs

Discussion Points

  • Opening from Message from UNOCT Under-Secretary-General, Mr Vladimir Voronkov
  • Overview of the Global Programme progress: priorities and achievements
  • Presentation of the UN Global Guide on the Security of Major Sporting Events: Promoting Sustainable Security & Legacies
  • Global Guide’s added value: national and regional perspectives and experiences
  • Supporting planning MSEs’ security through Technical Assistance Missions  

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Event Details

29 Jun 2021 - 29 Jun 2021
All day, CEST

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