The very first Inclusive Football World Cup will kick off in Mozambique during the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Following In the footsteps of one of the world’s best footballers of all time, Mozambique’s legendary Eusébio da Silva. Over two hundred marginalised children throughout Mozambique’s poorest communities can taste the sweet feeling of participating in a World Cup this summer and feel like a real football star for a moment.

When all eyes will be on Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018 we will not forget about the other side of the world, where youth still fight against social exclusion and discrimination.

During 30 days, boys and girls from 16 different communities including street children will meet on the pitch to play and celebrate the beautiful game of football.

Favela United will organise the Inclusive Football World Cup 2018 in Maputo, Mozambique. This special football tournament will take place in one of the city’s largest communities “Bairro da Polana Caniço”.

The game

The tournament has been designed to equally challenge players soft skills off the pitch as well as their hard skill on the pitch. The field is their spotlight, a safe place where they all can enjoy the freedom of the game.

The impact – Youth leaders

On and off the pitch young people gain basic skills, knowledge and tools to become “FU Life Captains”, champions of their
own destiny. By sharing their experiences and knowledge with others, they have a positive impact on the new generation youth and become change makers inside their own communities.

The community celebration

The community is the key to this all inclusive programme, just like the world cup celebrations, music and dance will attract, inspire and create an inclusive positive influence on all. By giving the community the freedom to express themselves on and off the pitch, people connect quickly and make new friendships.

Event Details

14 Jun 2018 - 16 Jul 2018
All day, CEST

Upcoming Events

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