The Sport and Society knowledge community is brought together by a common concern for scientific policy and strategic perspective in sport and society. The theme of the 6th International Conference on Sport and Society is "Sport in the Americas".

The conference will be held in parallel with the Pan-American Games. Often, “America” is taken to mean the United States, to the neglect of the other countries represented at the games. Accordingly, in addition to the general international themes for the conference, this year’s area of special focus relates to the rise and development of sport in the Americas, with a particular focus on the Caribbean states, South America and Central America. This is an under-researched area, which deserves deeper investigation. This event provides an opportunity to open up the rest of the academic world to the vast array of research that is being undertaken by scholars of sport in the Caribbean, South America and Central America. What follows are some of the ideas and areas we would like to promote at the conference:

  • Colonialism and sport
  • Latin American sport
  • Sport and the Caribbean states
  • Cuban sport
  • Communism, socialism and sport in South America
  • Sports tourism in the Americas
  • Sport and national identity
  • Sport and people of colour
  • Impacts of immigration on sport
  • South American Games: ODESUR
  • The Rio Olympics
  • Reflections on the Brazilian World Cup
  • Hispanic sport
  • History of sport in the Caribbean
  • Olympic sport in the Americas
  • The Pan-American Games
  • The ParaPan-American Games
  • Politics and sport
  • The rise of baseball
  • Football and cultural identity
  • Beach culture
  • Surfing in South America
  • Poverty and sport
  • Sport and culture
  • Technology and sport
  • Physical education in South America
  • Sport in the individual countries of the Caribbean, South America and Central America
  • Cultural and language diversity in Caribbean, South American and Central American sport

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