What is the current situation for LGBTQ athletes in Switzerland? What will change if equal marriage is approved? How can we in the sports community ensure effective equality? Join SportWorks for a discussion on LGBTQ rights in sport.

“Sport must always be on the side of equality.”

Switzerland is living a historic moment for LGBTQ rights with the vote on equal marriage. This is not a collective movement; it is the community as a whole pushing for effective equality in all areas of society.

That is why, from the sports community, we want to celebrate this moment and join shoulder to shoulder. If equal marriage is approved, Swiss LGBTQ athletes will finally be able to have their wife or husband in the stands cheering for them, something they have been denied until now.

Many organizations and individuals are working hard for LGBTQ rights from all perspectives. We have good examples in the sports industry. Sport has always stood for progress and fair play. We believe this is an excellent occasion to raise our voices together.

What is the current situation for LGBTQ athletes in Switzerland? What will change if equal marriage is approved? What progress needs to be made? And how can we in the sports community ensure effective equality?

We will cover all these questions and much more in our upcoming SportWorks TOGETHER: LGBTQ rights. We will dive into all these topics to build together inner learning for the whole community. We will be pleased to welcome as speakers some relevant voices in the field, who will share their knowledge and answer questions from the audience. We want to create a bridge between different perspectives on this issue, organizations, athletes, federations, and the sports community in general.

In the first part of the event, the speakers will share a short speech from their perspective. In the second part, we will create a collaborative discussion environment with the audience to generate synergies.

It is free and we want you to join us. Are you up for the date?

WHEN: Thursday, 23 September 23, 4 pm to 6 pm CEST

The event will be held at Maison du Sport International, Lausanne, and will be streamed online for those unable to attend.

Therefore, you have two options to attend the event:

  1. In presential: Limited places only under subscription.
  2. Online: Places open by subscription.

The on-site event will comply with all COVID regulations; consequently, participants will need to present the necessary certification.

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23 Sep 2021 - 23 Sep 2021
All day, CEST

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