The Commonwealth Secretariat is seeking for a suitable consultant for the Build and Maintenance of Virtual Reality Platform and Co-Curation of “CYP at 50” Virtual Reality Exhibition.

Young people constitute more than 60% of the population of the Commonwealth; their empowerment is essential to realising a fairer, more prosperous, secure and sustainable future for all its citizens.

The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) works with youth leaders, member governments, youth workers and other stakeholders to engage and empower young people and enhance their contribution to sustainable development.

This work also includes areas of sport for development and peace as part of the wider social policy development work embedded within the Youth Programme.

CYP’s work is anchored on the belief that empowered young people are assets to their societies and can make considerable positive social, economic and environmental impact that ultimately leads to transformative change.

As such, it is vital to ensure young people realise their individual potential, and to recognise and nurture their ability to contribute to their countries’ development, and the success of the Commonwealth.

This position was posted on sportanddev by the Commonwealth’s sport for development team that works jointly with the Commonwealth Youth Programme to accelerate the achievement of shared sustainable development priorities and goals.

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