Futbol Mas Kenya is preparing the hiring of different roles for a pilot project focusing on psychosocial support for children and families navigating the COVID19 pandemic.

The COVID19 pandemic affected the community work of Futbol Mas greatly, given the nature of our methodology and its implementation model. Therefore, the COVID19 pandemic pushed the organization to reinvent itself and this is how the concept of My Home My Playground was born. It transfers the Futbol Mas methodology and its focus on keeping children and families physically active as well as focusing on mental health from the community field or playground to the home. In this shift, the content undergoes changes, but the delivery and form as well. This is how the need for production of audiovisual content arose.

In this framework Futbol Mas is working in partnership with the United Nations agency for Refugees (UNHCR). A project has been designed to reach refugee families across Kenya with videos and audios with the intention to provide psychosocial support to refugee children and their families during this period of interruption of regular life in general and education in particular. As such, this project intends to complement the proposed continued learning by the Ministry of Education with psychosocial support.

Therefore, Futbol Mas Kenya is looking to hire the following services:

  • Accountancy and admin assistant
  • Communications coordinator
  • Audiovisual production
  • Graphic Design

Find the relevant information for each of the roles in the attached job descriptions and terms of references.

Job details