The Women Sport Africa Network invites those who share our passion for advancing women in sport in Africa to apply for leadership positions on the WSAN Executive Board from 2024 to 2028.

The Women Sports Africa Network (WSAN) is currently looking for committee members who are passionate about promoting girls' and women's sports and physical activity in Africa. We invite you to join us in our mission to champion women in sports and create lasting change within the Africa sporting community. Ideal candidates should have:

  • A philosophy that is rooted in promoting inclusion and equity in sport.
  • They should also be capable and available to represent WSAN at both local and global meetings and conferences. 
  • Work full-time or as volunteers in sport-related organisations or gender movements. 
  • Candidates must demonstrate influence within their respective spheres to help elevate WSAN's profile and spearhead initiatives locally and globally. 
  • They need to  possess essential competencies and  good understanding of sport and physical activity policy, 
  • Possess experience in organising national and international events, and a track record of strategic leadership. 
  • Additionally, proficiency in English, IT, and internet usage
  •  Skills to effectively navigate the multifaceted landscape of sports advocacy
  • Funder to support your attendance to WSAN events and meetings, at least 3 per year

We aim to work collaboratively to create a more inclusive and equitable sports environment.

Please note: We have made a revision to the requirements. You are now required to get a letter from a sponsor to attend at least only 1 physical and 3 virtual meetings.

Skills required

- A demonstrated history of leadership experience.
- Ability to provide a valuable contribution to developing and implementing change strategies at both regional and global levels.
- Familiarity and comprehension of the structures and politics of women's sports at local, regional, and international sport and physical activity movement levels.
- Capability to influence high-level decision-makers in political, government, non-government, and sport and physical activity domains.
- Capacity to develop and maintain professional relationships with individuals and organisations within and beyond the international sports and physical activity movement, both in-person and remotely.
- Expertise in strategic leadership and cooperation with sports and non-sport agencies.
- Ability to lead and execute partnership strategies among different agencies,
- Proven written and oral communication skills in English, French, and Portuguese (all meetings and communication will be done in English)
- Proficiency in IT/Internet use and/or willingness to adopt new technologies such as Microsoft Office, applications, email, social media platforms, Dropbox, etc.


Applicants are to submit the following as an attachment to the form via the below link:

1. Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) or profile.
2. Personal statement of purpose for serving on the WSAN Executive Committee for 2024-2028
3. A financial letter of support from a funder or organisation willing to sponsor the applicant's attendance at one of WSAN's physical events annually.
4. In case translation is required, the capability to arrange for a translator at the WSAN meetings and events.

Deadline of submission- 31st May 2024

Job details

Salary not provided

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