Erika Mueller Chen speaks to Stephen McCubbin about how cheerleading can prevent violence in Jamaica, and the challenges facing practitioners in the Global South.

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Launched in January 2023, the Inspira Podcast with Erika Mueller Chen is an interview-based podcast that provides career advice and stories from global change-makers in sport for development, social impact, and the diplomatic service. In 2023, 50 interviews with inspirational leaders working in sport for development and peace from over 35 different countries will be published. 

About the Episode Guest

Stephen McCubbin is a Policy, Community and Youth Development Specialist with over 10 years’ experience in sport for development. Coming from humble beginnings and being offered the opportunity at a non-traditional path, it is here that Stephen feels he built a career that would seek to provide new avenues for youth who hailed from similar backgrounds. Stephen is the Coordinator for the Sport for Development and Peace Network at The Commonwealth, and the Founder and President of the sport for development organization CheerSensation Jamaica. He is the recipient of Jamaica’s Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in Youth Development, and the recipient of the Commonwealth Youth Award for development work in the Caribbean.

Listen to Episode 3: Stephen McCubbin (Jamaica) - How can cheerleading unpack toxic masculinity & prevent violence in Jamaica?

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Erika Mueller Chen is an international development specialist with over a decade of experience leveraging the amazing power of sport to promote peace and positive social impact. She currently works in Sports Diplomacy and resides in Mexico.

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