The ITTF Foundation has released a 6-minute documentary capturing the best moments of the tournament.

The Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championship (PWTTC) 2021 was more than a competition. It was a global celebration of life and an open arena for the Parkinson’s fighters. Hosted by the Berlin based not-for-profit YUVEDO Foundation, the tournament saw 135 athletes from 21 countries pursuing medals and companionships in our favourite sport.

Delayed by a year due to the pandemic and with some participants unable to travel because of local COVID-19 measures, these games were different from the previous edition in New York. With the number of participants doubled since the tournament in 2019, a new classification system and various activities to enhance the social aspect of the event have been introduced.

Thank you, Berlin, for the hospitality, and thank you to all the players, partners, and participants for your determination and dedication. It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey for us all. We cannot wait to see you again in PWTTC 2022 in Croatia!

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