World at Play: "Sport is opportunity. Sport is hope. Sport is power."

When we arrived at the refugee settlement, we were asked; how many children do you want, and how many boys, how many girls? 

We want it split equally, half boys, half girls...

"Are you sure?" they asked. "Girls cannot play in the same way, their dresses won't allow. Will this be possible?"

They played.
They played rugby.
They played hockey.
They played football.
Rounders, bench-ball, tug of strength, dodgeball, baseball, skipping, ultimate frisbee.
They ran, They fell, they got back up.
They sang, they chanted, they danced, they laughed.
They won.
They were themselves, unapologetically, and given the chance they excelled.

What is sport for refugee young women?

Sport is opportunity. Sport is hope. Sport is power. 

Written for sportanddev by World at Play.

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