In this episode of Voices of Development, Ummul Choudhury talks about her organisation, Capoeira 4 Refugees, and discusses her experience in running an international charity as a female ethnic minority CEO.

 Ummul Choudhury is the co-founder and CEO of Capoeira 4 Refugees, a multi award-winning charity supporting women and young people living in conflict zones in the Middle East. Ummul talks about the use of music and dance to overcome trauma, the importance of tech-enabled solutions and some of the limitations of the aid sector.

Perhaps most profound of all, though, Ummul gives a rare insight into how she has personally experienced and navigated the aid sector as a female and ethnic-minority CEO, which she describes as "a lonely place". Ummul does not shy away from the difficult topics but also leaves us with a sense of hope. When talking about leading her charity, she says, “despite the roadblocks, I feel like we make miracles happen every day".

Voices of Development is hosted by international development consultant, Naomi Whitbourn. The podcast aims to elevate a range of diverse voices working to tackle global poverty and social inequality, with a particular focus on female and ethnic minority leaders. Do get in touch at [email protected].

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