At the SportWorks TOGETHER Gender Equality event, we heard from four extraordinary women experts on gender equality in sport.

Gender equality is not a women’s issue; it is a shared responsibility for everyone. 

At the talk, the panellists strongly emphasized that for there to be real change, we must change the culture. 

During the first presentation, Marijke Fleuren  President of the European Hockey Federation and Board Member of International Hockey Federation (FIH), insisted that gender equality is not a chapter or a paragraph; it needs to be part of everything. 

In the second presentation, Elisabeth Cebrián Scheurer – Head of Women in Basketball FIBA, pointed out that one of the main challenges is making all agents and stakeholders involved in sport understand the benefits of integrating diversity at all levels.

During the third presentation, Alise Kessler – Head of Volleyball at Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), inspired us with the example of FIVB actions, taking us through statistics and data that point to Volleyball as a gender-balanced sport. 

In the fourth presentation, Sandra Lengwiler – Gender Equality and Inclusion Manager International Olympic Committee – IOC told us more about the IOC journey in gender equality. She acknowledged the responsibility of the Olympic movement in identifying and leading the best practices to achieve gender balance in sport. 

The discussion was hosted by Michelle Guiliano

There is still a lot to be done to achieve equality, but we all might agree that this is a path we must walk together.

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