‘If in doubt, sit them out’
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The Government and the Sport and Recreation Alliance of the UK has published the first UK-wide Concussion Guidelines for Grassroots Sport which will help players, coaches, parents, schools, national governing bodies and sports administrators to identify, manage and prevent the issue.

The guideline was developed by an expert panel of domestic and international clinicians and academics in neurology and sports medicine.

It sets out steps to improve understanding and awareness of the prevention and treatment of concussion in grassroots sport where trained medical professionals are less likely to be routinely present. However, the guidelines is targeted at people of all ages.

‘If in doubt, sit them out’ is the strapline, making clear no-one should return to sport within 24 hours of a suspected concussion. Such a stand has already been introduced in Scotland.

The guideline also include a recommendation to call the National Health Service at 111 within 24 hours of a potential concussion, to rest and sleep as much as needed for the first 24 to 48 hours, and avoid using devices which involve screen time.

In addition, a graduated return to activity such as work, education and sport is advised to reduce the risks of slow recovery, further brain injury and longer-term problems. Individuals should be assessed by an appropriate healthcare professional if symptoms persist for more than four weeks.

Click here to view the guideline.

Source and main image: UK Concussion Guidelines for Non-Elite (Grassroots) Sport


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