Breakdancing Gains Momentum in Nigeria Ahead of 2024 Olympic Premiere
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Breakdancing, set to premiere as an official Olympic sport at the Paris 2024 Games after its debut at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics in Argentina, is gaining momentum in Nigeria.

To celebrate this milestone, the FAME Foundation, an NGO based in Abuja, and the United States Mission in Nigeria have launched a joint initiative to encourage breakdancing among Nigerian youth.

Originating in New York during the 1970s, breaking is a dynamic dance form that is an integral part of hip-hop culture, featuring acrobatic moves and intricate footwork. American breakdance experts Macca Malik and Jacob “Kujo” Lyons recently visited Abuja and Lagos to promote the dance. Malik is a leading female breakdancer, while Lyons champions the inclusion of athletes with hearing impairments.

In Abuja, the US Sports Envoy engaged with the Nigerian Olympic Committee and visited the School for the Deaf in Kuje, sharing motivational stories and helping students establish a breakdancing club. At Krump Dance Studio, workshops provided Northern Nigerian breakdancers with essential skills for Olympic-level competition.

Lyons called on the Nigerian government to invest in breakdancing facilities and training programs, emphasizing their potential for youth empowerment and international recognition. Malik highlighted breakdancing as a platform for Nigerian youth to display their talents globally and encouraged more young women to participate.

In Lagos, the Envoys conducted masterclasses at the Nation Dance Studio and participated in a webinar discussing how breakdancing and other artistic pursuits can lead to fulfilling careers. They also underscored the role of sports in building confidence, leadership, and teamwork.

Ogunleye-Bello announced that two champions from this initiative will compete in Paris 2024, preparing Nigerian breakdancers for future success on the international stage.

The FAME Foundation is committed to improving the social, emotional, and economic wellbeing of women and girls and promoting gender equality. This breakdancing initiative is part of their "PLAYit DREAMit" program, which uses sports to advance health, education, and gender equality. This effort is also supported by the US Department of State’s Sports Envoy Program, which sends American athletes and coaches abroad to mentor young people and lead sports activities.


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