Call for articles: reshaping Sport and Development
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sportanddev is launching a call for articles as part of its global campaign. Join us and make your voice heard!

The International Platform for Sport and Development (sportanddev), with a range of partners from around the world , is launching a campaign to Reshape Sport and Development . This global movement aims to support and strengthen the sport for development sector and address existing inequalities.

Our countries and our communities have always been unequal. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased inequalities, with marginalized groups and individuals most affected. At the same time, the sport for development sector is itself unequal. Women, people with disabilities, people from low- and middle-income countries, ethnic minorities and other marginalized groups are underrepresented in leadership positions and have less influence over policies and decisions. This list is not exhaustive and there are many inequalities depending on cultures and contexts.

This campaign aims to increase equity, access and inclusion in the sport for development sector. This will improve collaboration between organizations and increase recognition of the role of sport in development. The campaign will also maximize the impact of sport and its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other priorities. There is a need to reshape sport to better serve all of society ensuring that no one is left behind, and to demonstrate the contribution of sport and physical activity at this critical time, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (EN) .

Learn more about the campaign | Find out how to join the campaign

Call for articles

sportanddev is launching a call for articles on the overhaul of sport for development. We want to make this call for articles the largest and most impactful ever organized by sportanddev.

We invite you to submit articles on a range of topics and questions such as:

  • How can we address existing inequalities in sport for development?
  • How can we ensure that sport for development is more diverse, more accessible and more inclusive?
  • How can we ensure that marginalized groups and regions have a greater voice?
  • How can sport better serve society and contribute more effectively to development and peace?
  • How can sport better tackle issues of discrimination, particularly regarding racism and gender equality?
  • What is the role of good governance? How can sports stakeholders be more responsible?
  • How can sport better contribute to the SDGs, including specific goals and targets?
  • Can we better measure the value of sport for development initiatives? How ?
  • Can sport be used to respond to crises such as COVID-19 and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine (among many others)?
  • What is the role of sport in tackling the climate crisis?
  • What were the lessons and challenges for the sport for development sector during the COVID-19 crisis? How can they provide better direction for the sector going forward?
  • How can sport improve the mental health and well-being of societies, which have been particularly affected by the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How can sport for development initiatives use digital culture and online media to better support their work? What role does technology play in this?
  • How do different forms of sport (e.g. elite versus grassroots sport) play their role?

NB: These questions are intended to provide guidance and are in no way exhaustive. All submissions relating to the overhaul of sport for development, on all themes, are welcome.

Rethinking Sport and Development

In 2020, sportanddev coordinated efforts to rethink Sport and Development. Now is the time to move from vision to action and reshape the sector .

In 2020, we received 55 articles from around the world on the theme of the future of Sport and Development. You can view the contributions (EN) as well as the recording of the webinar (EN) . We also produced a report that identified 10 key themes that emerged from the articles. We invite you to take inspiration from these articles and this report. We want to build on the findings of the 2020 report to identify concrete actions on which organizations in the sector can work collaboratively.

Guidelines for article submission

Items must:

  • Be between 500 and 1,000 words, but shorter or longer articles may be considered
  • Include a relevant photo in landscape (horizontal) orientation, for which you own the copyright or which is subject to some form of Creative Commons license. If you do not have a photo, we will try to find one
  • Include a one- or two-sentence biography of the author(s)
  • Adds links to the social media accounts you want to associate with the article
  • Indicate the links to the websites you want to appear in your article

For more information and advice, you can consult our style guide .

Articles in French must be submitted to Hélène Bennès: [email protected] (information relating to other languages is available below).

Deadline : July 31, 2022

Frequently asked questions

Who can contribute?

We encourage people and organizations around the world to contribute, regardless of their size and scope. We recognize the importance of ALL perspectives. We believe it is crucial to ensure that groups and regions underrepresented in sport for development can contribute, we encourage and celebrate diversity.

Proposals from a range of stakeholders are welcome. These include, but are not limited to, practitioners, policy makers, students, athletes, academics, public sector officials, non-profit organizations, multilateral actors as well as civil society in the sense broad as well as the private sector.

We invite sport for development organizations, the sports, humanitarian and broader development sectors to submit their contributions. Anyone concerned about the use of sport for development purposes is encouraged to contribute.

In what language can I submit my article?

We recognize that language limits access to resources and participation in discussions about sport for development. This is why sportanddev and its partners have mobilized resources to support this call for articles in four official United Nations languages (English, French, Spanish and Arabic) for the very first time. We may add the option of Mandarin (Chinese) and Russian (the other two official languages of the United Nations) in the future, if resources are available.

Can I submit an audio or video recording instead of a written article?

We would like to propose it, but for now we are asking for written contributions. We may offer the ability to submit audio and video formats in the future. You are of course invited to promote the campaign with audios and videos via social media, and do not hesitate to mention sportanddev.

Can I link to other initiatives?

Of course. Articles may synthesize existing work, contain original analysis, or both.

What will happen to submitted articles?

All relevant articles in English, French, Spanish and Arabic will be published on sportanddev.org and promoted on social media. We will analyze the articles received and compile a comprehensive report with key themes and ideas. We will also host an interactive webinar following the call for papers and conduct community consultations.

Learn more about campaign activities and deliverables

We invite you to spread the word and help us promote this call for articles and the campaign. You can use this social media kit (including images and sample posts) as well as the hashtag #ReshapingSDP.


We are grateful to the founding partners of the campaign, without whom this would not have been possible. We also thank the in-kind contributions and support of many other stakeholders.

Would you like more information or join the campaign as a partner? Please contact :

Hélène Bennès, Senior Consultant, sportanddev: [email protected]

*This document was translated with the support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and we thank them for their support. We also appreciate the support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Generations for Peace in this process.


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