Communities remain vital in sport
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Sports communities have an enormous significance for the people's well-being but renowned sports psychologist Kai Engbert believes the COVID-19 pandemic will permanently change the structures.

ISPO.com, had in a recent article, quoted Engbert as saying: "The trend away from organised sport in clubs, for example, towards individually organised sport will increase. And sport as a central leisure activity will no longer have the importance it did before."

He said such a reorientation is evident strongly in youths, adding that if an individual hasn't played football with his or her mates in the club for a year, other interests develop.

"In general, communities, social togetherness, are very important for people. Whether it's sports or playing music together. When that largely disappears, as it is at the moment, it makes a huge hole in people's everyday lives," said Engbert.

Classic sports communities such as clubs offer a greater incentive to exercise than, for example, individual practice in fitness studios, said Engbert.

"That's why many people get up off the couch. Also because the exchange in the so-called third half is important to them. Especially in popular sports, this social motivation is very important."

The lockdown in organised sport will therefore have a huge impact - both on physical and mental health, he said.

To read the full report, visit ISPO.com.


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