Educafoot, the program that links football and education
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programme educafoot
AKA has developed its Educafoot program since 2021 with the aim of training the citizens of tomorrow.

AKA is the acronym for association Kenskoazell Afrika (in the Breton language) and which means African Solidarity Association. Created in 2018, the association aims to educate children through sports in West African countries. It is supported by its sponsor Stéphane Guivarc'h, the 90s world football champion who played alongside Zinédine Zidane and Didier Deschamps among others.

Actions in favor of children's education happen 3 ways:

  • Football, basketball, judo and karate sports equipment is collected and shipped to Africa to give the items a second life
  • Construction and renovation of sports infrastructure (multi-sport field, volleyball court, basketball court, multi-purpose room, etc.)
  • Development of programs (DIANGSPORT-EDUCAFOOT) in partnership with Ivorian and Senegalese national education

Focus on the Educafoot program

The establishment of the Educafoot program came as the result of an observation: schools in Senegal and Ivory Coast do not have football fields and no sports equipment (balls, jerseys, nets.) to follow the education program. This problem spurred the launch of the EDUCAFOOT program, which was designed to meet several sporting and educational objectives with the help of a sports expert foundation.

This program was submitted to the Senegalese and Ivorian national education authorities, and received very positive feedback, affirming their desire to integrate the program into the school system. Five pilot schools are currently benefiting from this project before being extended to other educational establishments.

Schools that join the program benefit from material support. In fact, AKA equips each school with goals and nets, balls and jerseys, shorts and socks and a screen print with the name of the school on each jersey. The goals are made on site by ironworkers and the sports equipment is also purchased on site.

EDUCAFOOT is a program around sport and particularly football which uses a toolbox to help children grow and become citizens of tomorrow.

Added to this is an inter-school tournament during the school year in primary schools (CE1-CE2-CM1-CM2), according to the following format:

  • 3 tests: math, French (traditional dictation), EPS football
  • A test is worth 3 points
  • The team that wins the match is the one that earns the most points.
  • 100% mixed team, as many girls as boys
  • Refereeing by children 100% mixed
  • A grand finale

An environmental awareness component is also being developed, notably with the creation of nets made from plastic waste.

Specific objectives

The objectives of the program are to help children grow up and become citizens of tomorrow while working on the notions of gender equality, access to sport, environmental education but also on values sport, the taste for effort, surpassing oneself, living together, respect for the rules, respect for opponents. Make young people feel good in their heads and feel good in their bodies.

The deployment is focused around 15 schools/year in addition to those that are already equipped. Today more than 100,000 children are affected by the program.

To achieve the objectives, activities are put in place using a toolbox. In this toolbox, different elements are defined: diversity, composition of teams in the different events, refereeing by girls and boys to develop leadership and decision-making, environmental education through the dissemination of a film followed by an exchange and the making of a net from plastic waste, cleaning the school before each meeting, educational tests in French and mathematics, co-captaincy.

To better understand the process, watch this report filmed from December 2022 to May 2023:

Already palpable results

The first results known to date from the program are:

  • Reduced absenteeism among students and teachers
  • Better academic results with a higher rate of passage to 6th grade for students from schools in the program.
  • Access to sport thanks to AKA equipping schools with goals, jerseys, balls, nets, etc.
  • Gender equality through 100% mixed events
  • The re-schooling of students who find motivation to return to school
  • Emulation in the school each student wants to join the school team
  • Motivation of teachers to join the program.
  • The introduction of dictation to Ivorian primary schools in 2021 followed by its extension to the entire country in 2022 after learning of the program launched in 2021

Educafoot is developed today in Senegal by Senegalese (AKASEN) in Ivory Coast by Ivorians (AKACI) and in Benin (MJ for childhood).

More videos

Educational tests: https://youtu.be/HnNor9RM9oA

Referee training: https://youtu.be/0fzx-tEmQ3s

Environmental education: https://youtu.be/MyJX-qqelIY

Presentation of AKA and the program: https://youtu.be/dazlDIoODY0



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