Education through sport in the heart of Ghassate
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TIBU Maroc and ACWA Power Maroc launch an education through sport program in Ghassate, a rural commune with great potential.
  • 240 youths enrolled in a sustainable transformation through an education through sport program.

A new partnership between the Saudi ACWA Power Group, the commune of Ghassate, and TIBU Maroc has been laucnhed, with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Professional Training, Higher Education, and Scientific Research.

As the leading organization working for the education and integration of youth through sport in Morocco, with broad national coverage through a presence in more than 17 cities and 11 regions of the kingdom, and in line with its ambition to become the locomotive of sport for development in Africa by 2030, TIBU Maroc is involved in contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which represent real opportunity to position sport as a tool to design innovative solutions to the complexity of the challenges of the 21st century.

On 24 March 2021, TIBU Maroc and ACWA Power Maroc started the TIBU Ghassate Center for education through sport, which focuses on regular practice of sport, foreign languages learning, and initiation to STEM and leadership, confirming their support for the most vulnerable populations through the development and implementation of sports initiatives for a lasting impact.

"The partnership between TIBU Maroc and ACWA Power in Morocco today confirms ACWA Power's strategy and willingness to make a lasting contribution to the development of youth in Ghassate region. TIBU Ghassate Center by ACWA Power will allow this population to flourish socially through sport and, with basketball being an organized and well-structured sport, these young people will have the opportunity to live positive experiences that only sport and an active lifestyle can bring. Also, this new sporting dynamic and events the new education through sport center will provide is going to help create additional revenues for the commune of Ghassate," said Badis Derradji, Vice-President - Porfolio Management - Africa.   


"In these times of crisis, education, emancipation and empowerment of vulnerable populations are becoming urgent and valuable issues. With the opening of this new center, we will be able to enroll more than 240 youths thanks to the strength of sport, the path of empowerment and educational success. The values we seek to pass on to children during our sports sessions and activities are essential to their futural professional integration," said Mohamed Amine Zariat, Ashoka Fellow and Founding President of TIBU Maroc.

In terms of development and social action, ACWA Power Ouarzazate (APO) and TIBU Maroc have signed a partnership to develop an education through sport program at the Ghassate communal school for 240 children.

Following an initial selection, 240 girls and boys between the age of 6 and 12 were enrolled, for free, to participate in a regular program three times a week. These young people will be supervised by three experienced officials of sports for social change, trained and recruited by TIBU Maroc, thanks to the financial support of ACWA Power Maroc.


This project, which will be funded by ACWA Power Ouarzazate, will contribute to the promotion of children's personal development through sport, specifically basketball, a sport recognized for developing team spirit and collaboration between players.

It should also be noted that this partnership will create full-time jobs for people of Ghassate.

"TIBU Ghassate Center by ACWA Power will allow young people in nearby villages to discover a new sport and new passions. This medium- to long-term partnership will also be a vehicle for the evolution of these young people by offering them openings to the external world. This project will also create short-, medium-, and long-term jobs for executives and trainers in the region," said Mr. Abdellatif Cheikh, Chairman of the Board of ACWA Power Ouarzazate I S.A.

"Social engagement is one of the main vocations of our group. The solidarity sports dimension is a fundamental pillar on which our territorial development strategy is based. This long-term partnership, which led to the creation of TIBU Ghassate Center by ACWA Power, is a part of a strong and comprehensive CSR program, encompassing a multitude of fruitful actions, and aims at responding sustainably and effectively to needs expressed locally," said Inane Bouachik, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at ACWA Power Maroc.

Families of the beneficiaries are also affected by this program through positive educational workshops.


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