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Naivedya Paramartha shares how working with Pro Sport Development (PSD) has taught him more than just sport development, but has also increased his own confidence and professionalism. 

Sport is the only way that I have expressed myself to my utmost potential. It has taught me discipline, determination, fair play and importantly, a will to never give up. I believe that to work in one’s passion is the best work and this opportunity was given to me by PSD.

My main objectives were to help the community, understand the function of the sport industry and experience the sporting culture in India. Working with PSD has been an eye opening experience, especially the work being done at the grass root level in rural Odisha, using sport as a medium. Giving an opportunity to children with minimal resources, nurturing their talent and developing them holistically to improve their lives is something I am grateful to witness and be part of.

I was lucky to be part of events like International Women’s Day (IWD), International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) and Kadam Badhao Campaign which promoted participation in sports. These initiatives helped me understand the effort made by PSD to change children’s lives and enriched my experience here.

I was designated as a ‘Sport Management & Coaching intern’ by PSD. This role was a challenge as I had to come up with content and post good quality pictures on different social media platforms. I loved handling the camera as it gave me an opportunity to capture intense moments. I would click 50-60 pictures to get as much detail as I could or else I felt uneasy. Beside this, I was responsible for writing articles and reports.

Coaching the children according to the curriculum designed by PSD helped enhance my self-esteem, gave me an opportunity to interact with the children and helped them become confident and competent learners. In coaching I learnt technical skills by conducting sessions for children aged four to 14. To measure the impact of our programme, I also helped with monitoring and evaluation.

Initially I lacked confidence, but gradually the PSD team helped me and my confidence levels increased. PSD focuses on developing teamwork within children to enhance their performances, the same could be said for me. I was fortunate to have a passionate, fun and motivating team who always believed in me and helped me grow professionally and as a person. I thank them for always being there and helping me out in uncertain times.

Last but not the least, it was a privilege to work at PSD. The focus on the grassroots is essential to all sports and the curriculum here is a stepping stone for further improvement in sports for the country. I gained much needed knowledge, made some fantastic friends and above all enjoyed every minute in this organisation.

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