Fundraising ideas into reality
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As the field of S&D continues to grow, many are faced with the daunting challenge of funding their project idea.

Successfully launching your sport for development project requires a convincing and targeted approach.

Potential donors often need to be convinced of not only your project idea, but also the concept of sport for development.

Fundraising challenge
You’re convinced that your project idea to use sport to affect positive social change can work. You’ve even managed to convince your friends and colleagues of the need for your project, and the importance of sport in development. You’re now ready for the next step.

This is when the sobering reality of fundraising hits, and you are faced with the intimidating challenge of convincing people to finance your project. This experience is shared by many in the S&D community. Only a few projects are fortunate enough to gain secure funding immediately, so a targeted approach is needed to put luck in your favour. Otherwise, fundraising can be a major barrier preventing you from turning your dream into a reality.

Making the case
The sport and development sector is steadily growing, yet it still remains a young field. This means that a convincing case needs to be made when applying for a grant or presenting to a group of potential donors from outside the S&D sector.

Countering criticisms is part of making your case, with ample evidence available highlighting the benefits of sport in development. Some recent examples include; promoting healthy living to girls in Laos, helping youth in post-conflict Liberia become ''complete individuals'' and encouraging youth to become champions of peace amid electoral violence in Kenya.

Selling the idea
Responding to critics on a conceptual level is one thing, and some will never be convinced. However, persuading a funder to buy into your project is a whole different challenge. Key to this process is to know who the potential funder is and what type of project they are looking to fund.

This is the first in a series of articles on funding in S&D. Part two will look at who is funding S&D and what types of projects they are funding.




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