Highlighted initiative: Reporting from the 2015 Beyond Sport Summit and Awards
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sportanddev.org is pleased to announce that it will be reporting from the Beyond Sport Summit and Awards in London on 19-21 October.

The Beyond Sport Summit has taken place every year since 2009 and brings together global leaders and a range of different stakeholders in sport and development to discuss and address sport’s role in driving positive social change. The central theme of this year’s event is “Beyond the Divide”, looking at “how sport can be used to address conflict, reduce ignorance, and bridge religious, racial, ethnic and economic gaps in society”.

The Global Awards, supported by Comic Relief, are Beyond Sport's flagship reward scheme. Every year, experts in the field participate to come up with a shortlist. This year the categories are as follows:

  • Best New Project
  • Sport for Social Inclusion Award
  • Sport for Conflict Resolution Award
  • Sport for Health Award
  • Sport for Education Award
  • Barclays Sport for Employability Award (new this year)
  • UNICEF Safeguarding Children in Sport Award (new this year)
  • Sport Team of the Year
  • Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year
  • Corporate of the Year, supported by Fortune

sportanddev.org is pleased to be attending and sharing some of the highlights with the wider sport and development community. We ran a highlighted initiative at Beyond Sport in 2009 and have also attended several times since. The 2015 Beyond Sport Summit highlighted initiative section of sportanddev.org is now online and we will be featuring articles before, during and after the summit and awards ceremony.

Event coverage is an important part of sportanddev.org’s work in sharing knowledge and keeping the global sport and development community informed about what’s going on in the sector. Online communications have in many ways led to the democratisation of information and sportanddev.org highlighted initiatives aim to provide a taster of the event to people who are interested but unable to attend in person.

This has been expanded in the last two years, and we now also offer a live streaming service. If you would like sportanddev.org to attend your event, please contact the Operating Team on [email protected].

If you are interested in attending more information can be found here and it is still possible to take advantage of the NGO Summit rate.