ICSSPE aligns international experts in Israel
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On 15 September 2011, the first German-Israeli conference on sport for development and peace „Sport as a Mediator between Cultures“ will begin.

During the three-day event, experts from more than 25 countries will share scientific knowledge and practical experiences to analyse what has already been achieved through sport projects and how these projects need to be designed to promote cultural understanding.

Further issues that will be addressed include:

  • how development programmes through sport and movement contribute to overcoming cultural differences
  • how sport can help integrate migrants.
  • the influence of sport on politics and society considering regional characteristics
  • which sport respectively physical activity may be used to reach these goals
  • how project results can be measured and evaluated will be discussed.

On the final day of the event, participants will take a field trip to current development projects.

Keynote speakers will be opening the Conference:

  • Mr. Wilfried Lemke, Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace
  • Ms. Limor Livnat, Minister of Culture and Sport, Israel
  • Dr. Christoph Bergner, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany
  • Prof. Margaret Talbot, President of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)

The "Sport as a Mediator between Cultures" Conference is being organised through a collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Israel, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany, the ICSSPE, Wingate Institute and Zinman College, the Ministry of Regional Cooperation, Israel, the Federal Institute of Sport Science, Germany, and Football for Peace International.

The event will take place from 15-17 September, 2011, at Wingate Institute in Netanya, Israel. Journalists who would like to participate in the event may address their written registration to .

For further information, including presentation abstracts and venue and accomodation details, see the ICSSPE website.

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