Inclusion through sport in the Balkans
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Now We Move Without Barriers is a wheelchair basketball tournament in Albania. ADP Albania is the first organisation in the country which aims to empower disabled people through sporting activities.

Finally, I’m a basketball player!

I feel that all we are moving, for the first time we have a tournament in Albania and this is great,” Erblin, an elated participant in the group shares his experiences. “This is a great move! I feel very happy because even my friends know about this tournament and they support me and even they wanted to be part of this move week. Our match was transmitted live via Telesport television and all my parents and cousin watched it.

Now that the government knows us maybe we can have our wheelchair basketball league in Albania!” continues the basketball star. Albania is lacking in sporting activities for disabled people.

Opportunities to move
The event organised on the occasion of the European Move Week has opened a window of opportunity for disabled people seeking physical activities. They can move but they are also now showing others what they can do. “I have been eight months in a wheelchair and I did not know that there were other people like me,” says Mertluti.

The event helped disabled youth gain the confidence to believe they can move. Mertlutu adds “Now we Move was my first physiotherapy."

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