The Inclusive World Cup makes kids the champions
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While all eyes are on Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018, Favela United will be supporting the children of Maputo, Mozambique, to create their own inclusive World Cup to run in parallel to the main event. #inclusiveworldcup #IWC2018

Favela United founder Patrick Hoep, former professional football player at SC Heerenveen, set up Favela United in 2014 as a World Cup legacy initiative, with the intention of using the transformational power of football to empower young people raised in marginalised communities in Mozambique and Brazil.

Impressed by the untapped talent he encountered in the favelas during his stay - the FIFA tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Hoep recognised the need for an outlet for young people with limited opportunities suffering stigmatisation due to their environment and life circumstances.

Favela United’s comprehensive sports and lifestyle programme develops the athletic skills of girls and boys in the communities where it operates, while using football as a vehicle to positively engage young people in wider issues such as health, education, equality and violence prevention.

As well as promoting a physically active lifestyle, the scheme also informs on healthy practices such as hygiene and increases awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The programme supports fully the children’s right to relax and play as well as have nutritious food and a clean environment.

The initiative incorporates soft skills to empower local youth to promote positive change and to acquire the knowledge and tools to make a difference to their own lives. Skills such as work ethic, respect, communication and team play are practised daily to encourage Favela United participants to become change-makers within their communities. Following consultations with local employers, this type of knowledge and training will also enhance their future employment prospects greatly.

Favela United works to create jobs where it operates to increase the impact of its activities. 12 coaches were trained during the year to implement its methodologies within their communities. They now use educational sports activities to provide daily training to approximately 150 boys and girls (ages 10 to 21) in two of the largest marginalised communities of Maputo City.

The environment Favela United operates in presents particular challenges. The latest UNDP report ranks Mozambique as the second lowest country on the human development index; shortage of food is common and the poorest are finding it hard to feed their families. The country also has one of the highest prevalence of HIV, making life expectancy as low as 50.3 years old.

Despite this, Favela United hopes to reach 100,000 significantly marginalised children in  Mozambique to give them the basic knowledge and tools to become champions of their own destiny. We ask you to support Favela United and its work by following them on Instagram, and visit their Why Donate page for more information.

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