JSC and sportanddev launch Spanish version of successful global guide on Sports for Sustainable Development
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The Japan Sports Council (JSC) and the International Platform for Sports and Development (sportanddev) are pleased to announce the launch of the Spanish version of the successful global guidebook and capacity development resource: Bridging the Divide in Sport and Sustainable Development.

The launch of the guidebook in Spanish follows the success of the versions in English and Japanese, which were published in August 2022. The guide entitled "Bridging the Divide in Sport and Sustainable Development: A Guide to Translate Policies into Practice and Manage Programs Effectively," has strengthened the capacities of actors who use sport to sustainable development around the world.

More than 4,900 people from 136 countries have used the digital guide in English and Japanese to date (November 2023) with positive feedback from a variety of stakeholders across geographies.

A follow-up survey, conducted by JSC and sportanddev in early 2023, illustrates the impact of this global, open-access resource bridging the gap between policy and practice in the use of sport to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other results. Respondents also noted that the comprehensive and practical guide has helped them better understand and strengthen monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in their work, a topic that is often neglected.

  • 92% of those surveyed indicated that they found the guide very useful or helpful in strengthening and/or reviewing the role of sport in their work.
  • 87% of respondents indicated that the guide has been very useful or helpful in strengthening and/or revising M&E in their work.
  • 61% of respondents reported that the SDGs and/or other policies influence their work more significantly after using the guide.

The success of the English and Japanese versions of the guide, along with constant feedback from Spanish-speaking actors using sport for development around the world, has resulted in the translation and revision of the Spanish guide in a formative survey conducted in 2019 that showed a great demand for said capacity development resource. Spanish-speaking actors cited the critical need for guidance to better serve their communities.

The provision of the guide in Spanish also contributes to building a more equitable and inclusive sport for development sector, ensuring that the voices and contributions of Spanish-speaking actors (even within underrepresented regions such as Latin America) are better represented on a global level.

The guide is open access and freely available on the JSC website (links are listed below).

Spanish version

“Bridging the gap in sport and sustainable development: A guide to translate policies into practice and manage programs effectively”

URL: https://www.iir.jpnsport.go.jp/esp/sdgs/ 

English Version

“Bridging the Gap in Sport and Sustainable Development: A Guide to Translating Policy into Practice and Effective Program Management”

URL https://www.iir.jpnsport.go.jp/en/sdgs/

Japanese version

“Guide on using sport to achieve the SDGs: Methods to design, implement, monitor and evaluate policies/projects to solve social problems through sport”

URL https://www.iir.jpnsport.go.jp/jp/sdgs/

About the Japan Sports Council (JSC)

Founded in 2003, JSC is the national agency responsible for the development of sports in Japan. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Sports Agency, JSC plays a vital role in implementing sports policies in Japan and enhancing the value of sports in society.

About the International Sports and Development Platform (sportanddev)

sportanddev is the leading global platform for organizations and individuals using sport for development to share knowledge, develop good practices, coordinate with others and create partnerships. sportanddev is operated by the International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA). For more information about sportanddev visit http://www.sportanddev.org 


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