Khel Vikas progresses the sports education programme at Gram Vikas’ Koinpur School
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Gram Vikas’ Koinpur School now has a fulltime Khel Vikas physical education trainer who is providing children with an opportunity for regular participation in various recreational and competitive sports programmes.

The introduction of Khel Vikas’ physical education trainer was met with enthusiasm by the children and teachers at Koinpur School. Structured physical education programmes are now being implemented at the school, which children find insightful and fun.

The programme’s aim is to increase the participation of youth in sport and provide a fun experience, which hopefully makes it a regular part of their lives. It is important young children are kept occupied in recreational and sporting activities, as they will be regularly exercising and learning, improving all aspects of their health.

Khel Vikas' P.E teacher.
The fulltime P.E teacher, Tempa Hansda, delivers the sports sessions every morning and in between school classes, with the aim of keeping the children active throughout the day, continuously improving the school children’s health and development. Not only is there physical benefit to the children, the sports programme also provides a great educational aspect as there are theory lessons in different sports. Furthermore, the children who wish to participate in sports such as Volleyball and kabaddi get coached to improve their technical ability.

The sports programme encourages social integration amongst the school children, as all PE classes have a mix of boys and girls, doing all activities together. Moreover, children are now interacting with their peers and teachers more often in a fun environment, which helps build their confidence and develops their personalities.

Future Development
The Khel Vikas coaches continue to work with Koinpur School to continually increase the participation of youth in recreational and competitive sports, which is important for the holistic development of the Odisha tribal communities. Young children will be given a chance to develop their social skills and health. The sports programme will also provide an educational benefit; boys and girls will be taught the rules and regulations in different sports and recreational activities. Khel Vikas also plans to set up a sports academy in the school in the near future.




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