Mifalot continues to promote peace in Israel
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Mifalot cannot stand by and allow such turbulent security conditions and especially does not condone the extremists on both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict who continue to add to the hostile situation.

Mistrust, hate and incitement are currently pushing aside the faith, love and togetherness between the two sides. At this time, we are being put to the test of humanity, friendship and the bridges we have built in the past. Just when many are closing their doors and avoiding dialogue and understanding, we here at Mifalot wish to remain true to who we are.

With courage, determination and sensitivity, Mifalot will continue to give every child the chance for peace, because we want their childhood to be marked with love and tolerance towards one another. The Mifalot family will never give in to incitement or hatred. Our spirit will stay strong, faithful and joyful for a better tomorrow and a better society for our children.

These days we are trying our best in our field to light up the darkness that surrounds us. Last week, about 20 Mifalot staff members, coaches and volunteers participated in different activities across the country with six different housing programmes from the Health Ministry in Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beer Sheva. Most of the activities took place in shelters. The participants from different housing shelters for people with mental disabilities in the front line are facing stressful moments every day. Therefore, the staff were very happy to be able to release some stress for a short time through some sports activities and fun football drills.

On that day, the staff also organised a peace tournament up north in Afula, where both Arabs and Jews from the Mifalot programmes participated in the tournament. The tournament included a big warm-up for them together, interactive games between teams and a Ramadan feast at the end of the fast. The tournament proved that despite everything going on, there is still common ground between the various sectors and football proved to be one of them! Despite the current situation and the mixed feelings people had, the tournament was cheerful, fun and active.

The goal of Mifalot's social activists is to create a tolerant and supporting society through sport and we will continue working to achieve this vision as long as we can!

Mifalot is hoping for better days to come!

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