Norwegian, Scottish and Portuguese football bodies lead the way in sustainable development
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SDG Project
The 'SDG Striker practitioner’s guide on replicability and policy recommendations' highlights sustainable development projects carried out by three football associations in Europe.

The guide shows how the Norwegian Football Association develops new alternatives to conventional infill for artificial football pitches.

It also highlights the Scottish Football Association’s project to educate about energy efficiency and energy poverty, and the Portuguese Football Federation’s pilot of the implementation of PV solar panels.

Each pilot’s description is divided into three parts: introduction with the goal, implementation of the pilot, and recommendations.

The Scottish FA, for example, has seen a significant rise in the price of energy in the country, which directly impacts the energy costs at their clubs’ facilities. Poor energy efficiency in football facilities and homes can make fuel bills unaffordable, resulting in fuel poverty.

The Scottish FA works with key government partners to deliver education workshops and create resources to raise awareness of how to drive down running costs, access funding, and provide knowledge on how they can support their community to do the same.

Having developed a knowledge of the specific issues facing clubs, the Scottish FA worked with expert partners to create and deliver workshops and webinars targeting these specific issues and providing education to manage these. Agreements were reached with external partners and there was constant communication throughout the planning stages to ensure outcomes were met.

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