The Playmakers Collaborative launches the first ever sport-for-development glossary for India
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The Playmakers have launched a comprehensive glossary and open-access resources to increase awareness around India's sport-for-development landscape.

The Sports and Society Accelerator (SSA), on behalf of the Playmakers Collaborative, recently published public resources for the Indian sport-for-development (S4D) ecosystem. Directed at practitioners and external stakeholders alike, the two key resources launched by SSA are: 

  1. A collection of open-source documents, case studies, reports, and other materials related to a range of themes including landscape studies of the Indian and international sport-for-development ecosystems, program management, monitoring and evaluation, and a lot more.
  2. The second is a comprehensive glossary that aims to capture the broad scope of the ecosystem. The glossary, developed by SSA with inputs from the Playmakers Collaborative (led by Pro Sport Development, Sportz Village Foundation, ELMS Sports Foundation, and Naandi Foundation, and convened by SSA) is a move to create a foundational resource to enable conversations and increase awareness around sport and physical activity (SAPA) in India.

The key resources are SSA and the Playmakers’ attempt to further expand the growing narrative around the potential of SAPA in India and bring it to the forefront of popular discourse. Through this, we aim to platform the many promising voices in the sector and start shaping a thriving ecosystem. We break down the development process of the S4D glossary through the rest of the article.

The S4D glossary is a repository that encompasses a broad spectrum of terms and concepts central to sports, physical activity, and development. It has been developed in close consultation with the Playmakers Collaborative to capture the needs of the Indian S4D sector. It aims to fill organizational gaps, clarify concepts, and aid grassroots progress. 

Developing a shared vocabulary is central to starting conversations and raising awareness of the importance of SAPA. It is a foundational tool for capacity building within the sector, enabling individuals and organizations to effectively acquire, apply, and advance their knowledge and skills. This section has been collated to act as a reference point for practitioners and aspiring stakeholders of the sector.

Presently, the glossary contains around 75 terms spanning different focus areas within the S4D sector. The terms have been categorized into four themes: context, core values and skills, organizational development and project management, and sports and physical activity.

The context section offers insights into the impact areas of S4D initiatives, providing a broader understanding of sports-for-society work. The second section concerns core values and skills and captures the foundational principles and values guiding the S4D sector and its work.  

Meanwhile, the third section focuses on terms and definitions that are helpful for organizations to build their capacity as it features terms essential for organizational capacity enhancement, catering to varying stages of organizational and project progression. The fourth section on sports and physical activity captures the multiple terms associated with SAPA and highlights the sector's diversity.

Inputs from the Playmakers collaborative have helped the glossary integrate a broad range of terms commonly employed within the sector and shape it to the Indian context, addressing potential gaps identified by them and offering clarity and differentiation where needed. Additionally, given the expertise and experience of these organizations, it includes terms pertinent to grassroots efforts, aiding organizations in advancing their missions effectively.

We hope these terms will ignite interest, enrich and accelerate the conversations around the S4D initiatives, and expand the knowledge of the sector in India. We acknowledge the dynamic nature of the Indian S4D sector and recognize the importance of feedback for its continual progress. The glossary is an ever-evolving public good. 

We welcome contributions to expand and adapt the repository to ensure that it remains inclusive and relevant within the landscape of the S4D sector.  

This is the first of many public goods that the Playmakers Collaborative aims to develop and circulate for the Indian SAPA ecosystem.


About Playmakers: Playmakers is a collaborative by and for the sports-and-society ecosystem. Led by Pro Sport Development, Sportz Village Foundation, Naandi Foundation, and ELMS Sports Foundation, and convened by the Sports and Society Accelerator, the Collaborative aims to unite efforts within the Indian SAPA ecosystem, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, The aim is to collate and produce open source bodies of knowledge and public goods that will benefit the entire SAPA ecosystem and build strong relationships with governments, policymakers, funders, and the media.

About SSA: The Sports and Society Accelerator is a public-spirited, independent, not-for-profit organization working to shape the world around us through sports and physical activity (SAPA). Its focus is on actionable policy and regulatory guidance and recommendations, data-led research, proofs of concept, projects and programmes, and assistance and advisory services to stakeholders and partners.

*The authors work at the Sports and Society Accelerator.



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