Pro Sport Development achieves implementation of fulltime PE programmes in all Khel Vikas schools
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The arrival of a new physical education (PE) teacher in Rudhapadar school has fulfilled Pro Sport Development’s objective of providing structured physical education in all four Khel Vikas schools across Odisha.

The appointment of Shanti Lata Pradhan as PE teacher in Rudhapadar School marks the success of the Khel Vikas project in providing fulltime PE programmes in all four Gram Vikas schools in three different districts of Odisha. The principal and staff of Rudhapadar School have welcomed Khel Vikas’s initiative of having a full time PE teacher, as it will drive the holistic development of the tribal children as students and individuals.

Though sport has not been seen as an important part of the curriculum in this largely tribal populated area of Odisha, there was a change observed recently as a consequence of the seminars conducted by Khel Vikas in educating parents and teachers regarding the benefits of regular student participation in PE and sports. The core idea of including PE as part of the regular academic curriculum at Rudhapadar School is to augment the regular and sustainable participation of students in PE and sport, in particular among girls.

The role of Shanti Lata as PE teacher would be to lead the early morning sessions and after school sports sessions along with PE classes during the day. These classes use fundamental movement skills such as skipping, throwing, catching and jumping to develop the motor skills of children including agility, balance, and coordination.

The primary outcomes of this programme are to improve the health and fitness of students, and propagate gender equality and social integration among the student bodies, in addition to the learning aspect attributed to having PE as a classroom activity.

It is believed that the PE programme will bring an improvement to the social skills and health of children as evidenced in the full time PE programmes currently running in the other Gram Vikas schools.

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